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The Supreme Man: Took Everything in Power novel Chapter 628

His appearance immediately drew the attention of everyone because his attire made him stick up like a sore thumb. The scarf that was wrapped tightly around his head cost thousands, but he dressed up like a grandmother using such an expensive item. This person was none other than Andrew. Nonetheless, he approached Kingsley in brisk steps the moment he caught sight of the man.

Kingsley stared at Andrew with utter incomprehension as he asked with a frown, "Young Master Andrew, why did you dress up like this?"

"Shh!" Andrew looked around nervously and whispered, "Dr. Nicholson, I can't be seen by anyone with this face! If someone recognizes me in this state, I might as well bury myself in a hole!"

Kingsley could vaguely see his swollen face bearing reddened marks through the scarf and he laughed uproariously. "Old Mr. Kean has given you a good beating."

"This is nothing!" Andrew removed his sunnies. "My grandfather has a very odd temper and has broken me and my father's leg at one point!" Then, he flashed Kingsley a placating smile. "Go ahead and ask me any questions you have, Dr. Nicholson. I swear I'll tell you everything I know."

"Good." Kingsley nodded. "First question, what is the relationship between you and Xaria?"

"Xaria?" Andrew was taken aback and felt his heart tremble. Is Dr. Nicholson interested in Xaria? It was with this thought in his mind that he hurriedly waved his hand. "There's nothing between us. S-She's just my senior."

When he was at the university in Sweoya, Xaria was Boris' student for a short period of time, and that was why he regarded her as his senior.

However, Kingsley thought doubtfully, Is she really his senior? Was she telling the truth, then? As he thought about it, he asked, "What do you know about her?"

Andrew scratched his head. "I'm not really sure about this…" All he knew was, Xaria had a very high status in Sweoya and he reckoned that she was from a prestigious family. Even his teacher, Boris, didn't dare to be too strict with her.

After he thought this over and over, Andrew decided not to share her identity with Kingsley in the end because Boris had strictly warned him against telling anyone that Xaria was from Sweoya.

Although he respected and was afraid of Kingsley, Boris was the key to his career. Although Boris went under the radar for quite some time, he didn't dare to go against his order.

As he was wearing sunglasses and his face was tightly wrapped, Kingsley couldn't see the minute changes in his expression. In addition, he subconsciously thought that Andrew wouldn't have the guts to lie to him, so he chose to believe him and didn't question him further about her.

"My next question." Kingsley tapped his finger lightly. "What's the relationship between you and Boris Oakley?"

"He's… my professor in Sweoya." Andrew's heart skipped a beat as he extended his neck. "Dr. Nicholson, do you know my teacher?"

"You can put it that way," he answered composedly. "Do you know why he's in Qustia this time?"

Andrew almost burst out in tears. "Professor Oakley is here to organize an academic forum with me," he explained. "He said that this academic forum will cause a sensation in the country. According to him, as long as it goes smoothly, I can make it to the apex with one step and become the youngest, topnotch scholar in Qustia." When he spoke of this, his voice sounded grumpy, "Who would have thought that Professor Oakley would disappear not long after he arrived? I almost turned the country over searching for him, but I had no such luck."

Kingsley's eyes turned sharp as he demanded, "What's the matter? Is the forum doomed without Boris Oakley?"


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