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The Supreme Man: Took Everything in Power novel Chapter 629

"Yes!" Andrew slapped his thigh. "All the information and results of the research are in his hands. I'm not afraid to tell you that I learned absolutely nothing while I was in Sweoya and spent my time having fun. This academic forum is organized under my name, but it's actually just a facade so I can join the top academic circle."

Now that explains why he has been looking for Boris so badly the whole time. It's because he's just a fake scholar! "What is the scheduled date of your academic forum?" Kingsley asked.

Previously when he questioned Boris, Boris said that all the spies from Sweoya contacted each other through a website, and the login account and password were both 0908, which was the scheduled date of the academic forum.

Andrew blurted without a second thought, "It's on the eighth of September. If I can't find Professor Oakley before September, it will be the end of me!"

So, it is on September the eighth! Kingsley thought. A knot formed between his brows as his thoughts raced around his mind. The website administrator was incredibly cunning, and the firewall was tough to crack. Even the hacker group, The Anonymous, had trouble finding out their exact location.

The fact that Sweoya was willing to spend all this effort was a testament to the importance of this website to them, and such an important website actually used the date of the academic forum as the login account and password.

Could it be that… their final objective is the academic forum? What are the spies from Sweoya planning to destroy during the academic forum?! At the thought of this, Kingsley pressed Andrew for more answers, "What's the actual situation with the academic forum? Who are the people behind this?"

"Well…" An embarrassed Andrew muttered, "I'm not so sure… They are the ones carrying out the preparation work, and I… am just a titleholder."

This time, he wasn't hiding anything from him. Why would the people from Sweoya hand over such an important task to a frivolous guy like him?

"They?" Kingsley accurately captured the information in his words. "Who do you mean by 'they'?"

"They're the staff Professor Oakley brought from Sweoya," he replied honestly. "But I boarded a flight with Professor Oakley while the others came over by sea, so I've never met them. Furthermore, Professor Oakley has never divulged any details to me. He didn't bring it up, and I couldn't be bothered to ask about it, either. After all, compared to those troublesome matters, I would rather be having fun…"

The furrow between Kingsley's brows deepened at his words. "Boris Oakley is willing to organize an academic forum in your name and introduce you to the top academic circle, but at the same time, he doesn't fill you in on the details. How does this even make sense?"

"It goes without saying that it's the power of this!" Andrew rubbed his fingers together, showing that he had spent a pretty penny on this whole farce. "One million. I gave Professor Oakley a million! Otherwise, do you think he's working for a charity?"

Surprise flashed past Kingsley's eyes as he felt that he was gradually putting the picture together. The Young Master from the Kean Family was simply the shield for the spies from Sweoya. They took his money and organized an academic forum in his name so that they could cause some damage in Qustia. On the other hand, this idiot had no idea that he was being used, thinking that he was on the long end of the deal and couldn't wait to give them money.

Kingsley stared at Andrew's swollen patch that had peeked through the gaps on the scarf and shook his head. There was always a pitiful backstory for the hated, and at this point, he didn't know whether he should call Andrew dumb or stupid. Thankfully, this moron had finally provided some useful information, and Kingsley could roughly guess the general plan the Sweoyan spies had in mind.


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