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The Supreme Man: Took Everything in Power novel Chapter 637

Despite Alex's intense worry, he refrained from expressing impatience. Instead, he remained alongside Mia as they both held their breath and fixed their gaze on the phone placed in the center.

Meanwhile, Rupert's drunken stupor suddenly dissipated while his eyes glimmered with a chilling yet intense hatred.

Kingsley Nicholson! He is the one responsible for how miserable I am right now!

The name Reene also rang a familiar bell to him. After all, he had been with Victoria since junior high school and had heard her mention Reene's name countless times.

If Rupert took a moment to ponder, he could infer the true connection between Kingsley and Victoria based on Kingsley's association with Reene. Unfortunately, at this moment, his mind was clouded with alcohol and hatred that it had no room for such contemplation.

He sat up, rummaged through the ashtray filled with cigarette butts, and found a partially burnt cigarette. Then, he ignited it with a lighter before placing it in his mouth.

Puff– He exhaled a cloud of acrid smoke and directed his words to the phone. "How do you propose to deal with Reene?"

Alex's spirits soared upon hearing a reply on the other end of the line, prompting him to hastily respond, "I want to capture her and then torture her thoroughly! I want her to endure the excruciating agony! And eventually, I want her dead by utilizing the most brutal methods available! Only then can we inflict extreme suffering upon Kingsley! I want to see him go crazy! I want to drive him mad! I want him to live in agony for the rest of his life!"

Rupert's face twisted into a malicious smile upon hearing those words. "Excellent, I was thinking the same thing! Consider this favor done."

The moment Alex and Mia heard Rupert's agreement; their faces lit up with joy.

"Mr. Shapiro, we're relying on you for this matter!" exclaimed Alex enthusiastically. "Since I can't move freely, I'll have my sister discuss the details with you. When will you be available?"

Rupert pondered for a moment and responded, "Let's do it within the next two days. I'll give you a call once I have everything ready to go."


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