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The Supreme Man: Took Everything in Power novel Chapter 636

The room was a complete mess with clothes, alcohol bottles, and takeout packaging scattered all over the floor. The daily necessities were also mixed up with garbage.

There was hardly any space to walk. The nauseating smell of alcohol and rotting food permeated the air. In the center of the cramped living room, there sat a worn-out cloth couch with its sponge exposed and resting on it was a disheveled man who emitted a strong odor of alcohol as if he had been continuously drunk round the clock.

This man was none other than Rupert.

After his betrayal was revealed during the underworld meeting, Victoria immediately expelled him from the Jeanne Gang and warned him never to set foot on their territory ever again.

After he fled from Bellamy Golf Manor, he reached out to his subordinate, only to discover that those who were once close to him had now distanced themselves upon hearing about his predicament. While he bitterly lamented the fickleness of the world, he also resented Victoria for not valuing their past relationship.

Ultimately, Rupert was forced to leave the Jeanne Gang and he eventually settled into a dilapidated apartment in the old city area. As he had followed Victoria in the underworld ever since childhood, he had no other skills than fighting, so he could only numb himself with alcohol in this rented room.

Ring– The phone continued to ring incessantly, causing Rupert to groan and roll over.

He shook his heavy head and cursed, "Damn it, who's calling and disturbing my sweet dream!"

As he was cussing them out, he searched through the pile of trash to locate his phone and finally pressed the answer button.

"Who is it?" He slumped onto the couch. It was fortunate that no one was near him as a pungent smell of alcohol emitted from his mouth as soon as he parted his lips.

"Hello, is this Mr. Shapiro?" Came Alex's voice from the other end.

Rupert had his eyes closed as he mocked himself, "Damn it, Mr. Shapiro? Am I even worthy of that title anymore? Does anyone even care about me?"


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