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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 100

Harper I can admit the breakfast Aisha made us is delicious.

Ugh, though it kills me.

The French toast is cooked to golden perfection.

The maple syrup is thick and sweet, and that hint of powdered sugar sprinkled on top? Yummy.

The bacon is crisp yet chewy.

The coffee is strong.

She cut up all kinds of fruit for us to eat as well and the watermelon is sweet.

The strawberries juicy and red.

The grapes I avoid because...

I hate grapes.

Oh well, guess it’s not the perfect breakfast.

Sadie is shoveling food in her mouth with her nose wrinkled in disgust, but she's enjoying it.

I know she is.

We all are.

Damn it.

"Who knew you could cook?"

Blake says when he's finished eating, leaning back in his chair and patting his belly like he's a chubby old man.

"That was fucking good, Aisha."

She beams from her spot at the head of the table.

"Thank you.

I love cooking meals for my friends.

It's like my love language."

Sadie and I share a look across the table.

Love language? She is so full of shit.

"Guys, we need to clean up some outside before we leave,” Easton announces.

"My dad texted me and said there's a storm coming in later."

glance at his plate—empty.

Guess he doesn't hate French toast after all.

"Let's do it."

Ryan leaps to his feet, seemingly eager to get out of here, I guess.

Though we aren't going to leave right after breakfast, are we? I mean—and oh my God I can't even believe I'm thinking this—but I feel kind of bad that Blake and Aisha show up late last night and then we're going to head home right after she made us this amazing breakfast? Easton leans over to whisper in my ear.

"You don't mind staying in here with Aisha for a little bit? She's being okay, right?"

I slowly shake my head, trying to pretend like it won't bother me.

"No, I don't mind.

I'll make sure Sadie doesn't shove her hand in the garbage disposal."

"That's my girl."

He kisses me, his mouth lingering before he pulls away and when I glance over in Aisha's direction I find her glaring at me, her eyes narrowed.


She hasn't changed one bit.

She hates me.

She hates that Easton and I are together.

"We'll help you clean up the kitchen,"

I tell her sweetly, offering her a smile.

Aisha smiles in return.

"That would be so great, thank you.

I appreciate the help."

"Well, we appreciate the breakfast.” Sadie is mute and I kick her in the shin, making her yelp.

She sends me a look.

I glare, tilting my head in Aisha's direction.



We appreciate it,"

Sadie says weakly.

Once the guys go outside, we start gathering up the plates on the table and bring them in the kitchen.

Aisha is already at the sink, rinsing out dishes and loading them in the dishwasher.

We quietly clean the kitchen, none of us uttering a word to each other with the exception of a murmured "thank you"

or “excuse me"

every few minutes.

It's weird.

I can hear the boys outside talking and laughing while we're acting like we're at a funeral.

“Look, I gotta know,” Sadie says out of nowhere.

"Are you with Blake for real, Aisha?"

Aisha turns off the water and dries her hand on a dishtowel.

"What do you mean am I with him for real? We're...friends."


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