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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 99


I wake up to gentle fingers touching my face and crack my eyes open to find Harper fully dressed and standing beside the bed, smiling down at me.

"I have good news and bad news."

"What's the good news?"

I ask warily.

"Sadie didn't commit murder last night."

"And what's the bad news?"

"Aisha is still alive, and she's currently in the kitchen making breakfast for everyone.” She wrinkles her nose.

“Do you think she's going to poison us?” "Probably."

I reach out and take her hand.

"Come back to bed."

"I need to go watch over Sadie before she gives in to her urges and tries to kill Aisha."

She tries to pull out of my grip but I just squeeze tighter.

"Easton, come on.

Let me go.” "No."

I pull her much like she did to me last night and she falls onto the bed, sprawled across me.

"I want you for breakfast.

Nothing else."

Her face is in mine, a big smile on it.

“But she said she's making your favorite.

French toast.” I'm not about to admit French toast is my actual favorite breakfast food.

How the fuck does Aisha know that? "I hate French toast.

I prefer waffles."

"Uh huh."

Harper's voice is full of doubt.

"And bacon."

"Oh, she's making that too.

She says she's been up since six, preparing our meal.

That was over two hours ago.

What did she do, go out and slaughter the pig herself?"

Harper's brows shoot up.

My girlfriend is a comedian.

“You're funny."

I dig my fingers into her ribs, tickling her.

Making her laugh.

“Easton.” She tries to wiggle out of my grip, but I take her with me as I roll over, so she’s pinned beneath my body.

"What are you doing?"

"Gonna have you for breakfast."

I kiss her, shutting her up with my lips.

She gives in with ease, her arms winding around my neck as my hands shove her T-shirt up, my fingers trailing over her stomach.

Next thing I know, I've got her leggings and panties pulled down to her ankles and my mouth on her pussy.

I feast on her as if she’s my actual breakfast, sucking her clit between my lips.

Thrusting my fingers deep inside of her, curling them to nudge that spot that makes her wild.

It works, She's coming all over my face in minutes, until she falls in a heap on the mattress, breathless and in a daze, her arm thrown over her eyes.

I kiss the inside of her thigh once.


Watching her the entire time until she drops her arm and looks down at me.

"I think I might be the one dying this weekend.

From too many orgasms."

"What a way to go."

I shift up, so I can press a kiss to her stomach.

The spot between her tits.

Her shirt is shoved up beneath her chin and I gently pull the fabric down until her upper body is covered and just as I'm about to lean in and kiss her on the mouth, I hear voices.

"Breakfast is ready!"

Aisha yells.

"Let's feast, motherfuckers!"


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