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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 112

Chapter 112


I wake up the next morning with a naked Harper in my arms, snuggled up close, her tits resting on my chest and her hair in my face. I crack my eyelids open only to immediately slam them shut thanks to the blinding sun that's pouring through the open window right next to the bed. With the power out last night, I forgot all about closing blinds and curtains, it was so damn dark. Harper shifts next to me, a little moan falling from her lips. My cock stirs—when does it not— and I’m about to flip her over and kiss her awake when I hear her speak. “Who turned on the lights? '

Chuckling, I kiss her forehead. “It’s the sun. '

She pulls out of my arms and sits up, pushing her hair out of her face as she looks around the room. The comforter has fallen to her waist, showing off her perfect tits and I'm reaching for one when... “Hey fuckers, are you awake? '

Blake. Yelling at us from behind our closed bedroom door. “Yeah asshole, we're awake. '

I sit up too, dropping a kiss on Harper’s bare shoulder. “Cool. We're leaving in a few. Aisha wants to head back early, '

Blake says. I look outside the window, surprised by the clear blue sky that's dotted with fluffy white clouds. Like a horrible storm never blew through here yesterday and dumped a buttload of rain. “Are the roads cleared? '

“Yeah, they are. We're good to go. '

Blake hesitates for only a moment. “Thanks for having us. '

So polite to the host. Such a bunch of bullshit. “Drive safe! '

Harper calls, always so sweet. “See you guys later, '

Blake calls. We hear footsteps as he walks away, then nothing but silence. I grab hold of Harper and bring her with me as I fall back onto the mattress. She's giggling, shoving at my chest but she doesn't really mean it. I can tell, thanks to the way she’s rubbing that hot body of hers against me, her legs tangling up with mine. “We should probably get ready to leave, '

she says when I start kissing her neck. “We can stay in bed for a few more minutes, '

I murmur against her throat. “I bet Ryan and Sadie are still in bed. Like us. '

“Can't think about it, '

she quips, shoving at me again. But I don’t budge. Pulling away slightly, I stare into her eyes, overwhelmed with emotion for this girl who stands by me no matter what. And there was a lot of shit thrown at her this weekend, despite us having fun too. Any other girl would've probably run by now, but not mine. “I love you. '

Her expression softens and her lips curl into the sweetest smile. “I love you too. '

“I'm going to fuck you. '

I thrust against her, nice and slow. “And then we can Start packing up and getting ready to leave. '


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