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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 115

Chapter 115


I may be sick and I definitely don’t feel like going anywhere, but I’m already bored out of my mind. I think I've scrolled enough on social media to last me a lifetime. I'm even tired of watching TikToks. I slept for a while when I got back from the doctor’s appointment, but now I’m lying in bed and wide awake, wishing I had someone to hang out with. Like Sadie. No, scratch that. I love my best friend but I'd much rather see... Easton. I can’t help but smile when I think of him. Sadie sent me photos during lunch that she secretly took of Easton sitting by himself, not wanting to talk to anyone. He looked so mad. And handsome. And even a little sad. My poor, grumpy boyfriend who misses me. Who knew this moment would ever happen between us? Me and Easton? He treated me like garbage. Bullied me relentlessly, yet secretly craved my kisses—especially when I was his mystery girl. We've come a long way. My phone dings with a notification and I check it to see I have a text from the very boy I can’t stop thinking about. Easton: Check your front porch. Me: Why? Easton: You have a special delivery. I slowly climb out of bed and head downstairs, grateful I took some Tylenol earlier so the body aches are mostly gone. Mom left for work after she took me to the doctor's office, and she told me she won't be home until late. Dad is always home late. I have no idea where Ryan is. Probably with Sadie. When I open the front door, I can’t help but smile. There is a giant giftbag filled to the brim with stuff sitting on the doormat. A balloon bouquet is tied to the gift bag handle, all of them saying get well soon! There's a bouquet of pink roses and a bag from the nearby supermarket’s deli. So much stuff. And I can tell it’s all stuff I like. I mean, who doesn't love food and balloons and flowers? But I swear I see a package of mini Reese’s peanut butter cups in the gift bag, and those are my fave. How did Easton know? I get another notification. Easton: What do you think? Me: Did you come up with all of this yourself? Easton: I had some help. Me: Where are you? “Don't think he picked out all that stuff—I totally helped him! '

I look up to find Sadie and Ryan standing on the sidewalk just to the left of our house so they weren't in my direct line of vision. Those sneaks. “You guys! Thank you! '

I wave at them before I glance around, looking for my boyfriend. Easton suddenly appears from behind them, like he was ducking down and hiding behind them. Despite feeling like shit, and knowing I must look terrible, I can’t contain the smile from my face. When he starts to approach the front porch, I hold my hands out in front of me, trying to stop him. “Don’t come any closer! '

He comes to a halt, frowning. “Why the hell not? '

“I told you. I’m contagious. '

“And I told you, I'm not scared. '

Easton starts walking once more, slow and steady until he’s standing directly in front of me and I'm dying to launch myself at him. But I restrain myself. “I can’t believe you did this all for me, '

I admit, waving at my gifts still on the ground. He grins. “Like I said, I had help. '

“And don't you forget it! '

Sadie yells. He glances over at where they're still standing on the sidewalk. “Didn't I tell you guys to go to my house and use the hot tub for a while? '

My brows shoot up and I make eye contact with Sadie, who is grinning. She snags Ryan’s hand and leads him to his car. “We're out! '

“Thanks man, '

my brother calls as they climb into his car. ‘You're letting them use the hot tub? '


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