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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 114

Chapter 114


It fucking sucked, not having Harper at school today. I missed her something fierce. To the point that I turned into a growly, grumpy motherfucker who snapped at anyone who asked me a fucking question, including my teachers. I didn’t give a shit. Who knew I'd become so whipped for a girl that I'd turn into a mess when she wasn't around? “I really hope my sister comes back to school tomorrow, '

Ryan says as we leave campus at the end of the day, headed for the parking lot. “Because you're being a total asshole. '

“I don't like it when I can’t see her, '

I admit, hating how I sound like a complete pussy. But fuck it. “How'd she look this morning? '

“Miserable. '

A string of curses leaves me and Ryan barks out a laugh. “Glad I didn’t tell you that this morning. Might’ve made you even grumpier, if that’s possible. '

“Hey guys. '

We both turn to find Sadie approaching us. When she's close enough, Ryan swoops in, wrapping his arm around her shoulders and pulling her into his side, dropping a kiss on her cheek. Watching them only makes me miss Harper even more. I'm such a fucking sap. “I heard from Harper, '

she says. “She just called me. '

“Why didn't she call me? '

Sadie’s gaze meets mine. “She said she tried you first but you didn’t pick up. She went to the doctor. They put her on antibiotics. '

“She’s legit sick, huh. '

Ryan shakes his head. “I figured if she was faking it. '

“Harper wouldn't fake being sick. '

She'd want to be at school so she could see me. “I don't know if she'll be at school tomorrow either. '

Sadie winces, as if she’s preparing herself for the blow that is my wrath at hearing this. “Just thought I'd warn you, E. '

Ignoring her, I reach into my back pocket and pull out my phone to see that yep, I have missed calls from my girl. I immediately call her back. “Hey, '

I say when I hear her soft greeting. “How are you feeling? '

“Terrible. '

She sniffs loudly. “Now I’m congested. '

“You sound bad. '

“Gee thanks. '

“Sadie said you're on antibiotics. '

“One of those five day Z—pack things. I'll be fine, '

she says, sounding anything but. “My throat is still killing me. Doctor said it’s going around and prescribed some cough syrup for me too. Mom says it’s because I’m too busy and doing too much. '

“You need rest, '

I tell her, thinking of all the things I could do for her to make her feel better. “And lots of fluids. '

“Okay, Dad, '

she jokes. “Don't ever call me that, '

I growl, turning away from Ryan and Sadie so they can’t hear me. “Unless you're into that ‘daddy’ thing. I might be down for that. '

“Easton, '

she groans, just before she starts coughing. “Stop. '

“Babe. You need to go back to bed. '

“Lam in bed. '

“Well, take it easy then. '


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