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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 12

Chapter 12


Tears start to burn at his rejection, at his cruelty, so badly that I can’t see where I’m going as I shove through more grinding bodies and surging hormones. My vision blurs as I run back down the hall. I look over my shoulder and sure enough Easton’s still watching, that smug asshole smile in place.

Islam hard into something and fall, hearing Easton’s laugh along with Aisha’s over the pounding music.

I blink up. It’s Blake, because of


course it would be Blake.

“Oh shit.” He quickly pulls me to my feet. “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you.”

Because I’m invisible, aren’t I?



Great, am I really going to cry in front of him, of all people?

The biggest ass in the senior class with the emotional intelligence of а реа.

He takes one look at me and curses, then starts dragging me down the hall and into the garage, where I burst into giant, gut


wrenching sobs.

My night’s ending where it started.

From famous makeout session with the off-limits guy I’ve crushed on for years, to the player who’s slept with every girl on the cheerleading squad and dance team, now awkwardly comforting me.

Blake’s staring, his green eyes roaming over me like I’m some sort of foreign creature. He lifts his hand, then drops it, before he finally pulls me in for a tight hug.

Both embarrassed and comforted, I briefly hug him back, completely weirded out that the third part of

my brother’s friend trio-the one who once jumped off of the roof into our pool, screaming I’m Britney bitch is trying to comfort me.

“Anything I can do?” he asks.

I pull away, frowning. “Are you drunk?”

“The hell?” He shakes his head. “No.”

“High?” My frown deepens but at least the tears stopped flowing.

“Why do I suddenly feel offended?” He laughs. “Do I have to be drunk or high to care about your



I think for a minute then blurt, “But you’re you.”

“Wow.” He crosses his bulky, tanned arms. “Okay, I’m officially offended, no takebacks.”

I find myself smiling. “You know what I mean.”

His laugh has me joining in. “God, you should have seen your face just now. How old do I look? Damn, now I’m doubly offended.” He holds up his right hand like he’s taking an oath. “I’ve never repeated school ever, not even when I accidently killed the class lizard in first grade because wanted to set him free.”

“Ooookay.” I shake my head.

“Wowwwwww.” Blake wraps his arm around my shoulders. “You kiss Aisha with that mouth.” He snaps his fingers. “Oh wait…”


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