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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 13

Chapter 13


I’m pissed, hating my reaction to Harper. Thinking of my mystery girl.

I’ve had her twice. Cat woman, whatever you want to call her, and now I can’t find her anywhere. All see is Harper. So, I do what anyone else does in extreme sexual frustration

I drink.

A lot.

I’m at least five shots in, plus two beers when I watch Harper collide

with Blake. I fully expected Harper to turn in disgust

Instead, I watched in mild horror when he leads her into the garage. The same sacred garage I was in earlier, ready to attack an anonymous girl’s mouth with every single kiss I have in my arsenal.

Before her phone went off, I was ready to strip my mystery girl bare, lay her against the fridge, the floor, really any strong surface was up for grabs.

I shove Aisha away after five minutes go by and Blake and Harper still don’t reappear and I grab another beer.

Aisha was pissed but whatever. Why the hell is Blake with Harper in the garage? And why do I even care?

It’s Harper. She’s Ryan’s problem.

Not mine.

And yet the idea of Blake even touching her fills me with something unfamiliar that I can’t identify

Before I know what I’m doing, I’m charging down the hall, thoughts still stuck on cat woman. Harper. They’re mixing. Mingling.

Maybe I’m hallucinating the entire thing and losing my mind. I mean, does the perfect girl even exist?

Adrenaline pumps through me as I charge into the garage to find Blake and Harper laughing and standing close enough that if Ryan caught them, he’d start designing Blake’s coffin.

The conversation between all of us is fuzzy.

A stumbling Sadie soon appeared, followed by Ryan, and he’s talking about Harper being off limits or some such shit. But for the life of mel can’t remember what I actually said, only that I craved Harper’s anger, not her smiles.

Her smiles are dangerous, just like Blake’s flirtations.

Someone needs to warn her about him.

Someone also needs to tell Ryan to watch out for our other friend.

More words were said, and Harper tried to walk past me like I didn’t exist, which pissed me off. Who the hell does she think she is?

I’m ready to threaten her as I grab her by the wrist and push her up against the wall, when something familiar washes over me. I can’t decipher if it’s her scent or if it’s just the way she feels. Soft in all the right places, leaving me hard in all the wrong ones.

Horrified, I clench my fists at my

sides. She blurs in front of me, and I’m more pissed off than I’ve been. Pissed off that she’s staring at me like I’m the devil, when I’ve never bothered her before in my life.

I want to hurt her because she’s making me react, not because ! have anything other than annoyance with her. “Remember your place, Harper.”


A solitary tear falls from her eye and slides down her cheek, dripping off her jaw and onto the space between us. It’s then that I realize how close I’m standing in front of her. How we’re almost chest to chest, and how the rest of the world goes suddenly blurry.

All I can see are brown eyes.

All I can smell is her scent, like coconuts and sunshine-like something forbidden that should be mine.

  1. me.


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