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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 123


Chapter 123



It's all I can say, alll can think. No. No. No. No. “Harper.”

He reaches for me.

All I can do is slap his phone into his hand and turn away from him. This isn't okay. Nothing about this is okay. He has a naked picture of the school counselor on his phone in order to blackmail her and he never told me.

He fucking left me that night and lied. The problem is his lies.

Had he just said, oh hey, btw, this woman is the worst and I slept with her and here's everything laid out on the table, full disclosure, like he SAID he was going to do. I feel sick to my stomach.

Forget feeling like shit this morning thanks to my cold. Nothing compares to this feeling of finding that photo on his phone.

I turn around and start to walk away. “Harper.”

The way he says my name kills a part of my soul.

He says it like a prayer every time, and it's so damn hard not to fall to my knees and worship the way he treats me or how I thought he treated me.

I think back on when I was sick and he dropped stuff off, I think back on all the times he was my rock and I wonder what I did wrong to make him feel he couldn't trust me, when he fucking lied and said he did.

I want to be his as much as he's mine. So why doesn't it work?

Why are there so many obstacles the minute I think things are okay?

The stress is starting to really get to me.

“Not now,’ I finally say. It's all I really can say without puking all over the sidewalk and I make my way back into the school for my last class. Shit. I know I probably look horrible. I rush into the girls bathroom and grip the sink, then stare at my reflection, wondering why it's hard to even recognize myself anymore. The door opens. “Girl, Sadie says.

"I saw you running, are you okay?”


I fib. And then fall into broken sobs. "No, he I—lied. He went to her and I had his phone...”

After checking all the Stalls it only takes me three minutes to tell her before the bell rings. “This isn't over.”

She juts a finger at me. “If Ryan knew about this, I'm burning his ass with a fucking torch!"

I sniffle and shrug. "Can you at least tell me I don't look like hell before I head over to gym?"

She winces. “Maybe just...put on some lipgloss?”

"Lipgloss doesn't fix broken hearts,”

I point out. "No."



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