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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 124

Chapter 124


I'm a fucking mess through last period and can't even fucking text Harper to apologize or discuss the whole thing with her mom.

The sick feeling I get in my chest when I think about her not claiming me and of course on top of that the picture.

Fuckkkk, the damn picture. I see Sadie the minute I get out of class and think, oh good, someone I can convince to be on my side, when she smacks me on the ass with her backpack.

"The hell, Sadie!”

“How could you hurt her like that! I thought you trusted her! She was bawling."

Her own eyes tear up. "Really, Easton?

I mean, fucking, really?"

"Keep your voice down."

I grab her by the elbow and bring her toward my locker when Ryan walks up. "Is there a reason you're hitting him?"


she seethes and looks around us. "He has a picture of Leigh on his phone with her tits just dangling out there and Harper saw it and it was the same day...it was..."

She shakes her head. "That same fucking day you guys decided to get serious, you lied, Easton. AGAIN!”

"Keep your voice down!"

Ryan repeats and shares a look with me. "Sadie, you don't know the whole story.”

Her eyes widen. "You knew?"


Ryan lowers his head. "Look, can we do this in the parking lot at least?

People are starting to stare."

Sadie appears ready to chop his dick off.

I'm so miserable, I'm still on the verge of tears as we leave the building.

Sadie and Ryan walk ahead of me, but she jerks out of his embrace and already I feel guilty because I know she's taking sides and is pissed off.

Harper soon appears in the parking lot, heading toward Sadie's car, and I know all hell is about to break loose as Blake follows behind her and hands her a scrunchie. Really?

A fucking scrunchie?

I hear him say, “You dropped this after gym."

He winks at her, tuffles her hair and says, "Good game, thanks for handing me my ass. It was actually more fun losing, I think.”

He looks over at me and smiles. "Maybe winning first isn't where it's at these days...”

I want to kill him. Blood pumps through my body as my nostrils flare. Ryan grabs me before I can run after Blake or just hop into my car, start the engine, and run him over. “Not worth it, man,”

Ryan says quickly. "Look, maybe we should just head out and talk or something?

You could use it"

Hell yeah I could, but I want to talk to Harper. The minute my eyes search for her again, she's already hopping into Sadie's car and putting on her seatbelt. “Wait!”

I call out. She hesitates putting it on.

I wait for her to get out. Instead, she looks away and clicks herself in while Sadie gives me the finger and burns out of the parking lot, like she's getting chased by the devil after stealing his horns.

I curse until Ryan again informs me that people are watching, then I blindly crawl into my Jeep and follow him to the pizza place by his house. I don't remember him ordering.

I don't even remember eating my first slice of pizza before he cracks his knuckles and says, "Tell me everything, like you're a girl on a super dramatic reality show. Then, tell me why you look so equally pissed and sad.”

I grit my teeth and stare at my empty plate. "Other than, you know...the incident."

"Is the whole tree thing called the incident now?

I like that better than—"


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