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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 126

Chapter 126


Her tears are killing me.

I can't reach through the screen and love her.

I can't hold her hand. It feels like I'm suffocating, falling deeper and deeper with each tear that streams down her cheek.

My hands shake. I hate it.

Because I know that I'm part of the problem and that I'm still pissed over not being claimed and I know it goes back to my own parents being kind of absent.

Harper has made me feel like I'm everything.

She doesn't realize the jealousy I had over how much her parents treated Ryan like an adult, how many times I had to come to their shitty suburbia house and watch them laugh with them both and do movie nights when mine were too busy making all the money to even contemplate doing a Netflix night with pizza and it's super super fucking shitty when you feel that way, but know if you express it the damn’s going to fucking shit all over the place.

All things considering I was rich, what did I have to worry about, right?

Don't get me wrong, I love my parents, and I know they love me, but we're rich and sometimes when you're rich, you tend to take a backseat to stock options and making more money that you can't take with you when you die.

I stop being a pussy just watching my girlfriend cry and wait for her to finally draw in a few deep breaths as she takes a swig from her water bottle. "Easton, She hiccups.

My hands shake with the need to touch the screen as if I can feel her warmth and dry her tears.

“That was...a lot. I don't even know what to say because things feel so messed up lately, you know?

It's like were fine, better than fine and then crazy things happen."

I wipe my hands down my face. "You mean Aisha?



College pressure?"

She sniffles and smiles. “Yeah to name just a few."

"L wish I could take it all away, take all the bad back, you know I do."

Fuck it, I touch the screen with my fingertips like a total simp and nearly shout with joy when her fingertips meet mine pressing against her own screen. “Well,”

She drops her hand. I drop mine. "At least I beat Blake's ass at badminton today. Don't be jealous that you werent there.

Be proud that I shoved that shuttlecock right up his ass in a very that feels traumatic way.”

I choke out a laugh. "Cocksucker."


Her cheeks are nearly dry now. "Do you think we can meet tomorrow morning?

At the coffee shop next to the school around seven?"

I want to meet now even if it means driving my ass all the way over to her house and facing the wrath of her parents but I simply nod my head and then smile. “L need that.”

I whispered. "Would love it. I need you."

“lL need you too.”


Her mom's voice filters through the room. "Did you finish your homework?"

“That's my cue.”

Cockblocked again by her mom. "I love you."

Her smile is still sad but she says. "I love you too.”

Then the video disappears.

Hours later, like an idiot, I stare up at my ceiling all night because I can't sleep worth shit thinking about meeting her, holding her, talking to her, and making her understand how deep my feelings go for her.

Damn, and last year I was able to actually attend school like a normal person while this year, I can barely go five minutes without seeing her. By the time morning rolls around, I'm up at five doing push ups in my bedroom to calm my anxiety. I get ready so fast, I think I scare my mom when I run downstairs and out the door, if the spilled coffee on the counter is any indicator.

Harper is waiting at the shop the minute my Jeep pulls up. She looks fucking gorgeous in her jeans and crop top. Her blue peacoat is open giving me a perfect view of her stomach.

I honest to God, just want to say, screw it and eat her out again underneath the Christmas tree, let them all watch! SORRY BABY JESUS, SANTA, SMALL LAMB, WISEMEN, damn, I've gotten possessive this year.

And why did I fucking scream that in my head like a lunatic?

I wave at her again and then approach. Tears fill her eyes.

I can't help it, I pull her into my arms and squeeze her tight, relishing the smell of her against me. Today, she smells different, like jasmine and vanilla. I love it.




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