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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 154


 I went up the day before and made sure the Lakehouse was perfect for the girls, I set the temperature so they wouldn't freeze their asses off, and I made sure that the fridge was stocked with all their favorite drinks.

Truly's Champagne, Diet Coke, Bottled Water, and in the freezer, I dropped in some Gin and Whiskey.

I had a chef prepare one of the best meals I could think of.

Mac and Cheese.

But not just a normal Mac and Cheese—one that had like a billion different cheeses in it along with bacon and cream, and let's just say it should give them orgasms bite by bite.

I added in a whole bunch of appetizers and even made sure to get the projector so that we could watch a movie on the side of the house with the outdoor fire pit going as they hear the lake wash up against the shore.

It's going to be perfect.

And I can't fucking wait for her to see it now that we're finally here.

I've never gone to this extent during Valentine's, let alone any holiday, not even for my parents, best friend, nobody.

It's all about her.

Ryan's lucky as fuck that I'm letting him barge in.

Then again, he is my best friend, and I know I'll have Harper all to myself later.

Besides, she's happy with her girl around, which makes me happy, which makes us both happy when I get her to myself.

She might even thank me with her mouth before I fuck her with mine.

I smile to myself.

"Stop it."

Ryan shoves me a bit.

"Still, my sister."

"Oh please, like I didn't bring earplugs because Sadie keeps going, oh fuck me, fuck me, Ryan!"

He clears his throat and looks around the kitchen while the girls get into their sweats because fuck, the last thing they need is to get all ready and stressed out.

No, this is supposed to be relaxing as fuck.

"We gonna talk about the ass—"

"—Never.” I interrupt him.

"Cool, good, awesome."

Ryan nods his head.

I nod mine.

Awkward as hell.

We do this weird fist bump thing, run into each other before aimlessly wandering around the living room and kitchen waiting for the girls.

A door opens.

I look up.

And there she is.

My life, my soul, my girl.


I get angry at myself, like legit want to run my head through a wall when I think about all the time I didnt have her in my arms.

When I was ignoring her, being mean to her, all of it just makes me sick because fuck, I could have had this years ago, and instead, I let myself get distracted.

I let myself be that guy.

I fucking HATE that guy.

And I was him.

But now I'm hers.

So I know it's better, but damn, that girl is beautiful, and mine.

She's wearing a pair of black high—waisted sweatpants with a matching crop top sweatshirt, her hair is pulled back in a braid that I can't wait to pull with my teeth, and her smile is all for me.

"Hey gorgeous,” I whisper.

"Hey handsome."

She skips toward me, like literally skips from the room.

All I can do is pick her up and swing her around and wonder how the hell I got so lucky to be with this human, meanwhile panicking, can I keep her happy? I'm not trying to be insecure, but damn, this person is my person, and I want her more than anything all the fucking time, and I can't imagine a world without her in it.

"You happy?"

I ask, twirling her around and setting her down on her bare feet.


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