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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 155


 It takes mere minutes to make it into the bedroom.

The door closes, my mouth opens to drink in more of his kiss as our foreheads press together.

I can feel the heat of his body, the want from the way his cock strains against his jeans.

I reach down and touch him.

He shudders, his entire body shaking like we've never had sex before like we've never had moments like this.

Why does this feel different? It is.

And I don't know why.

But this is different.

It's not just us in this room—it's our forever.

I don't know why I feel like crying...

it's not like they're sad tears, everything about this moment is happy, it's everything.

Easton pulls away, his eyes lock onto mine.

I couldn't look away if I tried.

"I love you."

He shoves me back onto the bed.



I shove him back and love the way he frowns like he's getting his favorite toy taken away from him in confusion.


I hold up my hand.

His hungry look is all it takes for me to quickly pull off the sweatshirt.

Little does he know that I'd been planning my own Valentine's Day surprise, and it has everything to do with sexy lingerie and his mouth on mine.

I toss the sweatshirt to the ground and grin up at him as I lay against the bed.

I'm wearing a white and red bra that leaves basically nothing to the imagination with its strategic lace.

My boobs look huge, and he looks ready to shove his face between them and die a sweet death.

Easton licks his lips, his eyes going from my boobs to my eyes, then back down again like he's trying to be a gentleman and control himself when all he wants to do is go all caveman, which I would so love.

Pull my hair.

Stick your cock inside me.

Throw me against the wall.

Maybe we'll make permanent dents in the Lakehouse? One can only hope.


he finally whispers.

"Your tits..."

I grin.

"Nice, right?"

"Fucking delicious.” He reaches, I swat his hands back and then slowly shrug out of my sweatpants, tossing them with the sweatshirt, and I swear Easton nearly swallows his tongue whole as his eyes widen and he looks down.

I'm in nothing but a matching lacy thong that's high on my hips.

I tug at the small strings on the sides, then flip over onto my stomach and arch up toward him doggy style.


he growls.


His hands hit my ass gently and then firmer as he digs in.


"I like it when you yell,"

I say, arching toward him.

"And I like it when you scream."

He bites down on my neck and tugs my thong completely from my body, tossing it onto the floor.

Easton grabs my ass, and then his tongue is running down the back of my thighs as he grips my skin.

Ecstasy washes over me as I slam back against him, needing him in ways I don't even think my body understands.

There is nothing but pure need as he groans and grips me by the hips again and flips me onto my back, hovering over me.

With a grunt, he peels off his shirt.

My fingers shake as I touch his six—pack and imagine my tongue in between each muscle.

I grab the front of his jeans and flick open the button.

In a hurry, he undoes them and kicks them off, then leans down and kisses me again.

Emotion washes over me as I stare up into his eyes.

I feel him everywhere, from his hand gripping my hips to the way the heat of his body presses against my thighs.

I gulp as he lowers his head and presses a soft kiss to my lips.

"It should have always been you,"

he whispers.


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