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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 163

Chapter 163


The first few periods of school fly by and I can't stop smiling through each class.

It's like I took bong hits before I walked into the building, that's how big the perma—grin is on my face.

The reason? My enemy is finally getting what she deserves.

Seeing everyone attacking Aisha this morning couldnt make me happier.

Since I started dating Easton, she's wrecked me more times than I can count and she's done the same to so many kids in this school.

Karma has kicked in.

And it will kick in once more when it's my turn to tell her how much I hate her.

The opportunity comes right after lunch.

Easton, Ryan, Sadie and I are getting up from our table, about ten minutes before class starts, and in walks Aisha.

I'm shocked she has the nerve to come in here, knowing she's opening herself up for a verbal lashing.

But when I really think about it, the move completely fits her personality.

Aisha is fearless, that's why she opened the WHGOSSIP account in the first place.

She doesn't care about anyone or what they think of her.

And she probably won't care what I have to say.

Except I'm giving her no choice but to listen.

As she's headed in our direction, I step in front of her, stopping her from passing me.

"My turn."

"For what?"she snarls.

My hands go on my hips, preparing myself for this war.

"To tell you how shitty I think you are.

But first, I want to know why you put a tracker on my boyfriend's car because that's straight up psycho."

She sighs.

"I don't have to answer that."

"Seriously? You're going to go to the extreme of knowing where he's at every second of the day and you're not going to give me your reasoning?” I glare at her.

"That's fucked up on so many levels, I don't even know where to start.

Not to mention, that makes you pathetic and desperate.

Stalking someone else's boyfriend, how low can you go, Aisha?"


"What about WHGOSSIP. do you have anything to say about that?"

"Does the truth hurt, Harper? Did it hurt when everyone saw it?"

She grins in a way that shows me she feels bad for me.

"Oh, honey, it looks like it does."

I want to laugh.In fact, I do, just to show her how little I care about her.

"You're the most vile person on this planet.

You must feel so bad about yourself, have zero self—respect, that you get off by tearing people down."

My heart is pounding, my hands clenching as adrenaline starts to pump through me.

"What happened to you, Aisha? What made you such a horrible human being?"

She smiles, the evilness shining through her face.

"I want people to realize how much of a whore you are.

Really, it's that simple."

She nods toward Easton.

"Besides, you have something I want.

Haven't I made it clear throughout this whole year that I'm not going to stop until he's mine?"

"Except, I think I've made it clear that you can't have him."


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