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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 164

Chapter 164 


Watching my girl come down on Aisha was one of the hottest things I've ever seen.

She didnt raise her voice.

She didnt use her fists.

And even if Aisha claimed she wasn't listening, she was.

Her eyes gave that away, the same way they gave away the hurt she was feeling when my girl was going at her.

I know, because I have the advantage—I know what Aisha looked like when she lost her brother, when the real side of her came out, giving me the ability to see right through her.

She wants everyone to think she's this fearless girl, that nothing affects her.

Just the opposite is true.She feels.She aches.And she's doing both right now.

But, me? I'm feeling none of that—I hope that cunt gets taken down.

What I'm feeling instead is a fucking tingling in my cock, the confidence Harper showed during that confrontation giving me an instant hard—on.

I can't do anything about it while we're in school.

It's too close to graduation, I can't take the risk of getting caught and disciplined.

But the second the last bell rings, I find Harper and drag her out to my Jeep.

"We're going to my place,” I say as I open the passenger side door.

She laughs.

"But I'm supposed to be going to Sadie's to study—"

"I'll drop you off there in a little while."

I help her inside and hand her the seatbelt.

"But I'm devouring you first—before you even think of opening a text book."

She chews her bottom lip.

"You won't hear me put up a fight."

"I didn't think so.” I shut her door and get into the driver's seat, going at least ten over the speed limit, hauling ass back to my place.

Since my parents wont be home for hours, I lead her into the living room, not wanting to waste the time to go upstairs to my room, and immediately tear off her shirt.

"I love when you don't waste any time,” she moans.

"I've been thinking about this since lunch and that was"—I kiss across her bare neck while I reach behind her to unhook her bra —"hours ago.” The metal unfastens and I toss the lace, cupping her tits, the heaviness of them filling my hands.

"Easton,' she breaths.

I graze across her nipples, pulling them, rubbing the pad of my fingers across them, her breathing increasing with each pass.

"Fuck me, I want you."

Her head leans back and I kiss across her throat and over her collarbone, her tropical smell of her making me fucking throb, the softness of her skin a tease I'll never recover from.

I groan, "You're so fucking gorgeous."

I then move her hands to my belt and say, "Get me naked, so I can fuck you."

A giggle moves through her throat as I'm licking across it, and she starts unbuttoning my pants and lowering the zipper.

I slip off my shoes and step out of my jeans, along with my boxer briefs, quickly yanking off my socks.

Now that I'm naked, I concentrate on removing the rest of her clothes and the second she's bare, I pull her into my arms and wrap her legs around my waist.

"You have me, Easton ...

what are you going to do with me?"

The smile on her lips is so fucking sexy.

But so is the thought that I can do whatever I want to her.


I answer and I walk her over to the back of the couch, setting her on top of the highest cushion.

Once she's sitting, I kneel down and spread her legs, my tongue going to the place that she loves.

The place I fucking love.

I lick across the very top of her and bury two fingers inside her, my hand moving slowly at first until my skin is coated in her wetness.

"Oh God,"


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