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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 165

Chapter 165 


I'm so full of tingles and jitters and this overwhelming pulsing, I can't even imagine feeling this all over again.

But I know Easton.

When he wants something, he doesn't give up.

He doesn't rush.

He doesn't do it half-assed.

And right now, he wants me.

I suck his lip into my mouth, gnawing on the end ... tasting myself.

Something I never thought I'd do, but now I find it so incredibly sexy.

I release him and take in his smoldering glare, remembering the words he said to me moments ago and reply, "Then make me fucking scream."

My response is barely out of my mouth when he picks me up from the top cushions of the couch and carries me over to the living room wall.

The paint and texture are so cold against my bare back, as he positions us, my shoulders rub against the hardness of it.

I hold onto him for dear life, knowing he won't drop me, but still needing the reassurance, especially as his dick enters me.

"Oh God,” I moan.

The back of my head hits the wall, not in a way where I scream out in pain, but in a way that makes me want him more.

"Fuck," he hisses.

"You're so tight."

I dig my nails into him as he rears his hips back and plunges fully inside me.

"Easton!"I don't expect it.

Nor do I anticipate the intense rush that follows or the perfect feeling of fullness that comes in or the pressure that adds to this incredible burst of sensations.

"Ahbh,” I sigh.

As he holds me against the wall, there's a quick grind of his hips.

That's followed by a hard rock forward where his tiny hairs are rubbing against my clit in a way that starts a whole new feeling inside me.

"Harder,"I cry.I need to feel him deeper, I need him to pound me in a punishing way where I'm lost.

And, within a few pumps, that's what he's giving me.

It's a relentless, consuming thrust that I can't get enough of.

He's holding my mouth hostage, his breaths covering me, his eyes meeting mine every few drives of his cock.

"Jesus fuck, Harper.

You're so wet."That's because the build is there.

I feel it moving through me.

I feel it coming on in a way where I can stop it.

I can't pause it.

"Oh God."

I hug him closer to me, urging him, bouncing over him as I try to meet him in the middle.

"I'm going to come.” The first wave hits me, coming on so strong, I scream out a moan and then, "Fuck!"

I gasp in some air and continue, "Easton!"

"Fuck, yes,"

he roars against my face.

"I can feel it.” My stomach starts to shudder as the ripples move through me, each exhale sending more of the sparks through my body.

"You feel so fucking good,” he growls the moment I'm still, but he hasn't stopped moving, and now he's pulling me from the wall.

He brings me over to the dining room, sitting on one of the armless chairs where I'm straddling his lap.

"Now fucking ride me.” I'm sensitive.



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