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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 171

Chapter 171


I love how eager he is, and I love how he isn't the type to say no to things like this, like fucking in my parents’ bedroom.

He's about to be even more surprised as I reach into my pocket and pull out the vibrator that Sadie got me for Christmas.

I clutch it in my hands and pull it from my jeans, dangling it in front of me.

"You ready to play?” Easton's jaw drops.

"Is that what I think it is?" "Sadie's a good friend.” “The best"

He pulls me against him.

"We should definitely put her in front of Ryan for best friend of the year"


“Give her a ribbon"

"A trophy even,’ I add with a laugh.

He kisses me hard, his teeth almost clanging against mine before he pulls back and grabs it out of my hand.

It's small shaped almost like lipstick— which is great since it fits in your purse and can be super useful during travel.

I mean, really, there's a reason she's my best friend.

Easton looks at it like we've just discovered fire, and then he turns it on, which of course turns me on as I clench my thighs together and watch him watch it in wonder like he can't wait to see all the ways he can make me scream.

I look over at my parents’ perfectly made bed and suddenly want nothing more than to shove him against it, mess everything up, and scream out his name.

It's forbidden.

It's dirty.

Then again, it's Easton and me; how else would we fuck in my house? Love should be like this, I think to myself.

Life should involve things that make you excited, things that make you laugh more than things that make you cry.

I'm focused on the bed when I feel Easton behind me, his chest pressed against my back and only the sound of the vibrator filling the air.

"Get the fuck on that bed"

I still.

"You didn't say please"

"I said.."

He presses the vibrator against my ass and says it again.

"...get on the fucking bed"

A shiver runs down my spine as I sashay toward the bed and lay down on my back.

He follows, his stare determined as he roughly starts pulling off my clothes.

My socks.

My jeans.

And then my sweatshirt followed by my bra.

Before I know it, I'm completely naked, shivering beneath his stare as he strips himself and grabs the vibrator again, holding it out to me like a threat of the best pleasure I'll ever have.

"I like this"

He grins.

"I'm not going to kiss you.” "What?" I lean up on my elbows.

"This is fucking.” His nostrils flare.

"This is just fucking and fucking, and fucking.

Sometimes we need that more than love, a good fucking.” “Say fucking again"


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