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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 172

Chapter 172 Easton "That's the last time we're ever gonna do that,’ I say as I follow Harper into her bedroom, shutting the door behind me.

“What do you mean?” "Having sex in your—parents’ bed.” I grimace.

“Still not sure how to feel about it"

My girl turns to face me, her cheeks still flushed, her hair in complete disarray.


Well I know how to feel about what just happened.” She laughs.

Waves a hand in front of her face as if she needs to cool off.

"It was hot"

"Fuck yeah, it was.” I snag her hand, interlocking our fingers.

"You're hot"

"No, you are"

"This is not a competition.” I'm grinning.

Feeling on top of the fucking world.

"Can you believe we'll be graduating and leaving this town soon?" Her brows shoot up in question.

"Together, I add.



Her smile is small.

My heart feels like it's going to burst.

I pull her into my arms, holding her close.

Her body is warm and loose after coming so hard only a few minutes ago, and I savor the feel of her.

Her tropical scent.

How she melts into me as if we were meant for each other.

A perfect fit.

Who knew it could be like this? “When are your parents coming home?" I ask, my face in her hair.

"They should be gone for a few more hours"

“Let's get into bed"

Harper pulls away slightly so she can smile up at me.

"We can't get naked though"


Her expression is determined.

"I mean it, Easton"

"I know you do, Harper.” I press my lips to her forehead.

"I just want to hold you"

"Aw.' She tips her head back and I kiss her lips, keeping it light.


"You're so cute"

A few months ago I would've totally denied that.

Hell, when all of this first started, I was a complete asshole to her, and I didn't care.

Not at first.

Now when I think about our relationship and how it first started, I have serious remorse.

Why did she tolerate my ass? All the things I did to her, all the shitty things I said.

She should've told me to fuck off.

I would've deserved it.

Of course, I totally bossed her around just now and she loved it.

My girl gets off on my demanding ways.

I'm starting to believe we really are meant for each other.

It feels that way.

And now that everything is falling into place so perfectly and we're going to college together, I can't help but think how lucky we are.

How lucky I am.

We crawl under her covers and the moment she slides up next to me, I'm hauling her in closer, her head on my chest, her hair in my face.


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