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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 180

Chapter 180


“Harper ...” I whisper as I walk over to her as she enters my living room.

I can't fucking get over how she looks in her prom dress.

I cant stop gawking at her.

I can't stop touching her.

I can't stop thinking about what the fuck I'm going to do to her the second we're alone.

My hands go to her waist as I take her in again.

“My God, you're so fucking gorgeous.” “You like?” She smiles and it's like she's glowing.

Her hair is curled in long waves, her makeup is done perfectly, her lips glossy in the same color as the dress.

Every curve of her body looks fucking beautiful.

“I don't like it.

I love it."

My stare moves down her body and back up, my girlfriend the most stunning girl I've ever seen in my life.

"And I admit, this is one hell of a surprise.” She wouldn't let me see the dress even though she bought it a few weeks ago, she wouldnt even tell me what color it is, so I did white roses for her corsage and she'd done the same for my boutonniere.

But it was worth the wait to see her like this.

I wrap the corsage around her wrist and she says, “It's exquisite, thank you.” “It doesn't even compare to you.” I groan.

"Nothing compares to you, stunning girl.” She blushes.

"I wasn't sure about the red,” she says, twirling so I can view every angle.

The dips of her shoulders, her heart-shaped ass, the curves of her waist.

"But I couldn't be happier with it” She puts her hands on the lapels of my black suit, pinning the boutonniere to it.

“I cant get over how scrumptious you look in this suit.” She closes her eyes.

"And how goad you smell.” Those thick, glossy lips pull into a grin.

"God, do I wish you could take me upstairs right now.” "I would fucking kill to do that,” I growl.

"But your dad is giving me that look.” I glance up, making eye contact with him as he stands with my parents, talking.

“You know, the one that tells me he knows what we're going to do tonight since it's already been done under their Christmas tree.” “We'll save the fun for the limo,’ she says, and she brings me over to Ryan and Sadie, so we can start with the pictures.

My parents had offered our house for the pre—prom festivities and a bunch of our class is here.

Blake brought his freshman date.

Aisha and Julia are even here, even though no one invited them.

I'm not surprised they came, we all know Aisha has balls bigger than half the senior class.

“I need pictures of just you four,” Harper's mom says, standing in our living room with a camera in her hands.

We move into the position she wants us in.

“Now closer,’ she adds.

I put my arm around Harper's waist and crowd in next to Sadie who's practically on top of Ryan.


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