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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 181

Chapter 181


"I can't believe it's prom,” I say to Sadie as we stand in front of the sink in Easton's bathroom, putting on some last—minute touches to our makeup before the limo takes us to the pre—prom dinner.

“Neither can I.” She adds lip gloss, and then starts fluffing her hair.

“I really didn't think this year was going to turn out this way.

I mean, you know I've always been in love with your brother.

But us ending up together, like we are now, I don’t think I saw that coming.” “Um, hello, I certainly didn’t see Easton and I together either.

To be honest, I didn’t see myself with anyone.” And that somehow, I was going to die a virgin. Sigh.

“I always saw you with Easton,” she says, facing me, waiting for me to turn toward her, which I do.

"I remember that little bikini you wore the day of your Halloween party and how all I wanted was for him to notice you.” That's a party I will never forget.

A party that changed my whole life in every way.

“Except he didn't,” I say, rolling my eyes.

“He probably didn’t even know I was at that party ..

or that Ryan even had a twin sister."

She gently slaps my shoulder.

“Stop it, he knew exactly who you were and he thought you were hot AF.” “Now you're just lying ...” “Harp,” she starts, and I know a lecture is on its way.

“You're the most gorgeous person I know.

I promise he saw you.

I promise he thought about you.

And I promise he never made the moves on you because he knew Ryan would disassemble his body—like Dexter style.” I smile, because the truth is, it doesn't matter.

He’s mine now.

And nothing, not even college, will break us apart.

“I hate that you're always right,” I say, laughing.

She takes the tube of lip gloss she just put on and starts dabbing the wand against my lips.

“Now they're red hot and glossy.” “Easton's face is going to look like a crime scene the moment I kiss him.” She giggles.

“That's the problem with red, but with that dress” —she leans back, so she can check me out—it’s a must.

You're a freaking knockout, girl.

I'll be surprised if Easton doesn't kick us out of the limo and try to fuck you in it.” I release a long, pent—up breath, thinking of hot, leathery seats and music playing through the speakers, and that wickedly sexy black suit he has on.

Easton dressed up is now one of my favorite sights ever.

“Oh God, I hope he does.” She holds out her hand and I grab it.

“Come on, let’s go downstairs, I think everyone is getting ready to leave.” With our fingers linked, I follow her out of Easton's room and down the staircase where the guys are waiting for us.

“Ready?” Easton says, his hand on my lower back, his eyes practically devouring me.

“Yep.” He rubs his lips over my cheek, like he’s inhaling me.

“Everyone is outside, so we'll say good—bye to your parents and then take off.

Sound good?” I nod, releasing Sadie’s hand to clasp my fingers around Easton's and I follow him into the living room where my parents are chatting with his.

The moment we join them, their voices die out, and they all turn toward us.

“My little girl, you look so incredibly stunning,” my mom says, gazing at me first, and then at our entire group.

“All of you do.” She holds up her camera.

“One last picture, scrunch together.” The four of us wrap our arms around each other and smile, the flash going off several times before we stand straight and resume our normal pose.

“You guys be good tonight,” my dad says.

"No trouble—remember that.” He looks at Easton as he speaks.


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