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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 186

Chapter 186


I want to fucking devour this girl.

I want the last words on her tongue to be my name, and I want her screaming so hard she's hoarse.

She reaches up and pulls my head down again, I'm so fucking lost I wonder if I'll ever find air again as our tongues tangle and twist like we haven't been making out and fucking for the last few months.

This is it though.

Last year was filled with so much drama, shit sex, and mistakes I never want to repeat, which just makes this year that much more special.

I have my girl, no my woman, because damn those curves, she is a motherfucking woman.

She arches up to greet me.

My dick is all like, hey girl, hey there.

But my heart wants everything to slow down.

Now comes the moment beyond the crown, beyond prom, beyond everything as I shakily pull back from her and stand.

She frowns.

“What's wrong?” More like, what's right.

I fumble like a total idiot as I reach into the pocket of my almost kicked off black pants and hold out the Tiffany's box.

Harper's eyes widen.

"Um, I'm not ready for—"

“Like I would propose during prom.” I laugh and want to kiss her even harder for the panicked look in her eyes that also tells me if it was a ring, she'd say yes.

“I'm fancier than that.” She bites down on her lower lip as it trembles.

“So what is this?” “A promise,’ I say, obsessed with the way her eyes well up with tears, tears for me, tears for us, probably tears over the shit year we've had to go through in order to get to this moment.

"To love you forever despite all the cunts that want to keep us apart.

To be the person you rely on, you love, you fight with, and sometimes fuck when you want to fight.” I add in for good measure.

"To be yours the way you've been mine when I was too stupid to even realize what was right in front of me.” I open the box.

She gasps.

hold out the small bracelet—on the inside, it says my mystery girl forever, my love.

I show it to her.

The minute it's on her wrist, I'm getting pinned onto the bed, clothes go flying, I don't even know my own name as she rakes her nails down my chest like she wants to fucking mark me.

let out a yell when her nails dig into my pants in an effort to jerk them the rest of the way down.

We nearly hit our heads together as she finally gets the rest of my clothes off.

And then she's grabbing my cock and riding me.

I'm in heaven.

Complete bliss mode as she grabs my hands and puts them on her tits, her body moves back and forth, and I'm drugged, so fucking drugged the building could burn around us, and I'd still be like, oh look, a fire, that's weird.

She's fucking aggressive, her hips slamming against mine, my head actually hits the back of the headboard, and I'm so turned on I want to throw her against the wall and ugly fuck like the type of fucking where you know there may be bruising, but you don't give a shit because it's passion and love all tied up into one perfect moment.

Her lips part.


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