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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 187

Chapter 187


“Oh my God, I don't want to be here” Sadie groans, leaning her head on my shoulder.

I pat the top of her head.

“Only a couple more weeks, and then it's over forever.” “No more high school,” Ryan adds as he joins us.

We're standing in front of our lockers, waiting for the bell to ring to start our day.

One of our last days of high school.

This moment is totally surreal.

“It just feels so pointless, going to class.

We're graduating in mere days.

Why do we even have to be here?"

Sadie goes to stand beside Ryan, sliding her arms around him and resting her head on his chest.

"I have a suggestion—let's ditch.” “We can't ditch, Ryan says, kissing her hair.

"If they catch us, no grad trip for us.” “And you're not missing out on that,” I warn her.

“I cant go to Disneyland without you.

Who will go on the Peter Pan ride with me?” “I'm your Tinkerbell.” Sadie smiles, pressing her lips against Ryan's chest before she lets him go and takes a step back to stand next to me, bumping her shoulder against mine.

“It's going to be so epic.” "What's going to be epic?"

Easton asks, coming right in between us and sliding his arms around mine and Sadie’s shoulders.

It warms my heart that my boyfriend is so good to my best friend.

Yes, sometimes they have their moments but for the most part, they get along.

And I love it.

"Senior grad night,” Sadie tells Easton.

“Disneyland, here we come.” “Only a few more days,” I sing song, extra excited.

“You told him, right?” Sadie asks, glancing over at Easton.

His brows draw together as he turns to me.

"Told me what?” “We've...never been to Disneyland before,’ I admit.

Easton glances over at Ryan.

"For real?” Ryan nods.

"For real.” “Your parents never took you guys to Disneyland ever? Not even when you were little kids?"

Easton's voice goes low as he nuzzles my hair.

I shake my head.

"They never really had the money.

It's expensive."

The sympathy in Easton's gaze is unwanted, but I do love how he kisses me and whispers, "We're going to have the best time.” “I can't wait to take you on my favorite ride!” Sadie squeals as she slips from under Easton's arm and goes back to my brother, gripping the front of his T-shirt.

“Pirates of the Caribbean is so much fun.” “My favorite is Space Mountain,’ Easton says.

"Oh and the Haunted Mansion.” Sadie makes a dismissive noise.

“That ride always breaks down."

“It’s still cool, though.” Easton tucks me into his body, pressing his mouth on my forehead.

"It was my favorite when I was a kid.” My heart squeezes.

I love thinking about little Easton.

He must've been the absolute cutest.


“We are going to have so much fun,” Sadie says.

“I can't wait.” “What are you guys talking about?” Blake appears, glancing around at each of us.

Easton goes tense beside me.

“Senior grad trip, Ryan answers for us.

“Duuuude, I can't wait.” Blake grins, rubbing his hands together.

There are a few mumbled “yeahs”, but otherwise we're silent.

It's still a little awkward between us and Blake, especially with Sadie.

That kiss in the garage at Easton's party still lingers over her head, though she plays it off for the most part.

I don't think it bothers Ryan nearly as much as it bugs Sadie.

Meaning miracles can and do happen.

"How's the freshman?"

Easton asks Blake.


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