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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 19

Chapter 19 


Oh God. 

Easton‘s fingers are inside of my panties. Inside of me. He‘s watching me, his expression guarded, though his eyes flare with heat, giving him away. He‘s 

enjoying this moment and how he tortures me. 

He‘s right. He‘s going to ruin me for life. 

It can‘t be like this. Not now, in a janitor‘s closet when we‘re supposed to be in class. Not when  

he‘s saying such rude things and trying to tear me down. I hate him. He‘s so mean. Meaner than usual. I have no idea what I did to him to make him so damn angry all the time, but it‘s terrifying. 



“Look at you,” he practically croons. “I treat you like garbage yet you‘re still getting off.” His fingers dip lower. “So wet.” 

I close my eyes as tight as I can, humiliation washing over me, but not enough to make me want him to stop. I am definitely wet. And weak. Weak for him. Desperate for 

his touch. I know we shouldn‘t be doing this, but I want it. I want more. 

When it comes to Easton, I want it all. 

He shifts closer, his nose trailing down my neck as he breathes me in. “Why the fuck do you smell like coconuts?” 

It‘s my lotion. I‘d tell him that, but | can‘t find my voice. 

“Do you all use the same shit?” He sounds confused, his hand going still in my panties 

My eyelids flutter open, and I find he‘s watching me, a fierce scowl on his handsome face. “What are 

you talking about?” 

He glares, his blue eyes like ice. “You‘re fucking with me.” 

“About what?” 

“You know.” His fingers start to move again, delving deeper into me, pressing against my clit. I bite back a gasp. “So desperate for my attention, you‘ll do anything to get 


Oh God. Maybe he‘s finally put it together that I‘m the girl he‘s kissed–twice. And worse, he‘s mad. 

He thinks I tricked him, when that was never my intention. 

“T–I don‘t know what you‘re talking about.” My legs grow weak as he continues to stroke, and I lock my knees, so I don‘t crumple to the floor, my eyes falling closed once more. It feels so good, how he‘s touching me. Far better than what I can do to myself. 

“Open your eyes,” he demands. 

They fly open and our gazes lock. Hold. He shifts even closer, as close as he can get, his other hand reaching for my jeans and tugging them down my hips a little. I don‘t stop him. It‘s like I can‘t. Why would I want him to stop when I 

can feel myself drawing closer and closer to an orgasm? 

“I want you to see who does this to you,” he says, his voice hard, his fingers moving faster. I press myself against the door, my breaths accelerating. “I want you to watch me when I make you come.” 

Always pathetic, aren‘t you?” He shakes his head. “Next time, I‘ll use my mouth on you. Let‘s see how long that takes to make you come. I‘ll have you creaming on my tongue in no time.” 

Before I can respond, he‘s shoving me out of the way, opening the door and leaving me alone in the closet. I bolt out after him, not caring if anyone saw us, though thankfully the halls are empty. We reenter the classroom, me following behind him and we settle into our desks without another word. 

The movie ends, making me wonder just how long Easton and I were gone, and Mr. Egis flicks on the lights. “Make sure you go over the study guide tonight that I handed out yesterday. There will be a lab tomorrow.” 


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