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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 20

Chapter 20 


My ears ring from the force of Harper‘s slap. In the distance I can hear applause coming from a bunch of assholes. Aisha gasps. Someone‘s yelling, “It‘s about time!” 

| glance to my left to see it was Blake who said that. The fucker. He‘s laughing and clapping like he‘s watching a comedy show. I send him a murderous glare, but that only makes him laugh harder. 

Harper stares up at me in horror, as if she can‘t believe she just did that. 

Well, guess what? I can‘t believe she did it either. Girl‘s got balls, I‘ll give her that 

Memories of what happened between us only a few minutes ago flood me. I don‘t know what came over me, fingering her in the closet like I did. I wanted to taunt her. Show her what she can‘t have. 

Instead of just giving her a sample, I found that once I started, I couldn‘t stop touching her. I didn‘t want to either. The way she lifted her hips when I stroked her in a particular spot. How wet she‘d been for me. How warm and soft her pussy was. I hated the rush 

that fueled me as I watched her come, knowing that I was the only one who could make her feel like that. 

Shaking my head, I shove the memory out. I‘m fucked in the head when it comes to this girl. I don‘t understand what I‘m doing. I‘m just running on pure instinct. 

And my instincts are taking me down a path I‘m still not sure ! I want to go 

“I hate you,” she murmurs, her eyes glassy as she drops her hand to her side. She‘s shaking, I can tell, and I touch the spot where she just slapped me, my cheek still tingling. 

“You weren‘t saying you hated me a few minutes ago in the closet.” 

Her face screws up in anger and then she‘s gone, running down the hall, the crowds parting for her like the damn Red Sea. 

“What the hell were you talking about just now?” Aisha asks me, her eyes narrowed with suspicion. And what were you doing with Harper in a closet?” 

I glare at her. “Not now,” I bite out. 

Just before I take off after Harper. 

She‘s easy to find. And slow. I catch up with her within seconds, and though she fights me, I get a hold of her, pulling her though the 

double doors so we‘re outside. I lead her into a tiny alcove just around the corner of the building, her breaths coming fast as she glares at me. All I can smell is coconuts and sunshine and there‘s no one else around. Not a single damn soul who would smell like that. 

I recognize the scent. It drives me out of my mind with lust every time. 

No way. I refuse to believe it. 

Taking my time, I drink her in. The flare of her generous hips and the dip of her tiny waist. Those tits straining against the front of her shirt. The curve of her ass in her 

tight jeans and all that dark hair I‘m dying to sink my fingers into. At the very least, I want to grab her ponytail and tug on it. Pull her close to me, so I can settle my mouth on hers... 


Confusion fills me and I blink hard. Earlier, in the closet, I didn‘t want to kiss her. I wanted to save it all for my mystery girl. But I feel like a complete dumbass, because I‘m starting to think my mystery girl is 

“What do you want from me?” Harper asks, her hostile tone interrupting my thoughts. 

I take a step back. “Where were you the night of your brother‘s 

party when the lights went out?” 

Her gaze flickers but otherwise, her expression remains neutral. She shrugs. “What does it matter?” 

“Tell me,” I demand. 

She lifts her chin. “I don‘t remember.” 

“Liar.” Now I’m moving closer to her, her tropical scent like a fucking drug, drawing me in. “I think you know.” 

Were you in the downstairs bathroom?” 

And how did she convince you? Did you wear a costume? And let me guess, did Ryan catch you in it, 

Yes. Yes, yes, yes. 

“It‘s a simple question that demands a simple answer. Yes or no, Harper? Were you wearing a cat costume?” 

“You‘re her,” I whisper, my entire body going numb with the realization. “You‘re my mystery girl.” 


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