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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 22

Chapter 22


It’s late and I’m in bed, but I can’t sleep. My head is filled with thoughts of Harper. Memories of Harper. I think back on the night at the twins house, when the lights went out and I was in the bathroom with her. Her silky smooth skin beneath my hands. Her sweet, soft lips on mine.

The Halloween party and the kiss we shared then was just as mind blowing. Maybe even more so, because it wasn’t just a one shot deal. We kissed again and it was

just as good as the first time even better, actually. She’s so damn responsive. And curvy. When I touched her, it felt as if I was touching a woman. Not some scrawny girl with tits.

A real, actual woman.

I clench my hands into fists, telling myself I’m not interested. I don’t even like her. I’m not attracted to her. Not at all. She’s not my type. I sort of hate her. She definitely hates me. I taunt her and I don’t even know why.

Then I recall the moment in the janitor’s closet. I can’t even blame that incident on thinking she was my mystery girl. Nope, I knew

exactly who I was dealing with, and I still slipped my hands in her panties and made her come in freaking minutes.

I barely had to do anything. The moment my fingers made contact with her pussy, I realized she was soaked. As if my mere presence alone aroused her.

That could be the case, which is wild. Why would she want me when she hates me?

Why do I want her when I hate her?

Grabbing my phone, I start to scroll, but social media bores me. I’ve looked at everything I could see tonight. Everyone’s stories and

posts, showcasing their mundane lives. I’m over it. Over high school. Over this stage in my life. I’m ready to move on and do something new.

I still have seven months to go before we even graduate. That feels like forever

Without thought I open Instagram and go into the search bar. I type in Harper’s name and find her profile. Of course it’s private. And of course she doesn’t have a request to follow me.

Squinting, I try to make out her profile photo but I can’t tell what’s happening. So I do the next best thing.

I screenshot that bitch and blow it up so I can actually see it.

It’s a photo of her and Sadie, both of them smiling. I can give it to Harper-she looks pretty. Her hair is down and her eyes are sparkling and she has nice teeth. My gaze drops to her chest, the way her T shirt strains against her tits and I can admit she has a nice body.

I can admit a lot of things, but I will never admit I have feelings for this girl. Nope, no way.


My finger taps at the bar, sending her a follow request and I swallow hard, fighting the urge to take it back.

Too late now, motherfucker. What’s done is done.

I toss my phone on the bed beside me and stare at the ceiling,

contemplating what I’ve just done. Within seconds my phone dings and I pick it up to see she’s accepted my request.

Well, hot damn.

Eagerly I open IG once again and go straight to her profile. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have too many photos posted. They’re mostly of her and Sadie. There’s one of her and Ryan and their parents from a few years ago | can tell because Ryan is a shrimp and Harper’s tits are way smaller.

I get a notification that Harper followed me as well and I immediately go into my DMs to send her a message.

Me: This means nothing.

Harper: Sure.

Me: Seriously. I was just curious.

She’s quiet after that revelation and I feel like I said too much, too soon. Why would I tell her I’m curious about her?

Harper: We can’t keep doing this.

Harper: And that right there is why we shouldn’t continue what we’ve been doing. You have no interest in me and you never will. You just see me as a piece of ass. I’m not

Me: Come on, H. Don’t get shy on me now. We could have fun together.

Me: Seriously, hear me out.


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