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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 21

Chapter 21


His kiss is brutal. Punishing. Like he’s mad that it’s me, even though I’ve neither confirmed nor denied his accusation.

That’s what his words felt like-an accusation. I don’t think he’s pleased to discover that I’m the one he keeps kissing in dark corners at parties. Yet he’s also the guy who felt me up in a janitor’s closet and got me off with a few precise strokes of his fingers.

A shiver steals through me at the


memory. Or maybe the shiver was caused by the way his tongue just slid against mine

I reach between us, resting my hands on his broad chest. His skin is so warm beneath the fabric of his shirt, and his muscles are firm. Hard. He’s hard all over. I’m tempted to pull him closer, but I come to my senses at the last second and shove him with all my might

His mouth detaches from mine and he stumbles backwards, a dazed look on his face as he drinks me in. “What the fuck?”

We can’t keep doing this,” I say.

“Right. Funny how we do keep doing it. Because you’re her,he


“Who’s her?” I’m still playing


Easton shakes his head. “Don’t try and fake me out. I recognize your scent”

“I bought it at a store every girl know shops at.” That isn’t a lie. Dozens of us could be wearing this lotion right now.

“It’s you.” His gravelly voice sends ripples of awareness down my spine. I don’t like how he’s looking at me. As if he can see right through me. “You can protest all

you want, but I know it’s you.”

We stare at each other, the air growing charged between us the longer we say nothing. I tear my gaze from his first storming away from him, grateful I don’t hear him chasing after me.

But I’m also sad he didn’t chase after me either.

One more period, I remind myself as I put one foot in front of the other and make my way to the classroom. Less than one hour until I can leave this place. I’ll go home and pretend today never happened. Hopefully, Easton will leave me alone for good, once he realizes what exactly we’ve done.

Liar, says the little voice in my brain. You’re dying for him to touch you again. Kiss you again. Make good on his promise to use his mouth on you…

My skin warms. He made that vow when he knew it was me, which makes no sense. I don’t understand him. He hates me, he wants to touch me. He thinks I’m a hideous troll, he wants to make me come.

I don’t understand him.

Striding into class, I plop into my seat, wariness zipping up my spine when I witness Blake spot me and make his way over to my desk, settling into the one next to mine.

“You okay?”

Igape at him, surprised at the tenderness in his tone, the way he’s watching me as if he actually cares.

“I’m fine,” I say once I clear my throat.

“Oh. Well. You look-flustered. Your cheeks are red.”

No way can I tell him why.

Thats one way to put it.

want me to take care of him, I will.” Blake’s voice is ferocious, as is the gleam in his eyes.

“No, he’s not giving me any problems.” That’s the truth. I definitely don’t mind what Easton is doing to me. “And I don’t need you to fight my battles, Blake. I can handle Easton on my own.”

The boy who normally sits next to me in history approaches his desk –the very one where Blake is sitting. “Hey,” he says nervously.

Our teacher enters the classroom right before the bell rings, pulling the door closed. The moment she begins her lecture, I tune her out, my mind filled with the stolen moments in the closet with Easton. Outside with Easton when he kissed me. When I shoved him away and the shocked look on his face when I finally-literally pushed back.

What’s happening in my life right now makes absolutely no sense.


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