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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 42

Chapter 42


What the actual fuck did I just witness?

After fighting off Aisha’s dirty claws as she tried her damnedest to pull me in for a kiss-not happening, not ever again-1 head for the gym to go to the pep rally and see Harper’s lips smashed against…




I storm toward them, ready to rip Blake off of her when Harper breaks away from him first, her eyes wide as she stares up at him. The look on her face clearly says, what did I do?

While the look on Blake’s face says, hell yeah.


My hands curl into fists as I wait for her to see me. Will her to see me with my mind.

Come on, Harp. Give me a look. Just one. You can do it.

But she doesn’t. She just laughs off whatever urge might’ve taken over the both of them, her gaze briefly cutting to mine only when she hooks her arm around Blake’s to let him lead her into the gym.

I glare, frozen, my fingers clenching and unclenching as I contemplate all the many ways I can rearrange Blake’s stupid face.

“…don’t know what came over you just now, but keep doing it,” Blake says with a

chuckle as they walk into the gym together.

Wait a minute.

Harper kissed Blake? It wasn’t the other way around?

I storm into the gym after them, about ready to ask her what the fuck she’s doing when I realize there are hundreds of us in the gym. Hundreds of witnesses. I’m not supposed to like this girl. Or even talk to her.

“Hey, there you are.” I turn to see Ryan approaching me. “Want to sit together?”

“Sure. Not with Blake though,” I add as we start toward the bleachers.

“Really?” Ryan frowns, glancing around as if he’s trying to find him, scowling when he does. “He keeps talking to my sister.”

This is my chance to distract him from me completely. “Uh, don’t know how to tell you this, but I just saw them kissing in the hallway.”

“What the hell?” Ryan sounds positively enraged. Good. Maybe he can kick Blake’s ass for me. “I’ll murder him.”

I grab his arm when he acts like he’s going to do just that. “Bro, it was nothing. Seriously.” I’m downplaying it so my own mind won’t go into pure freak out mode. “I just thought you should know. Watch out for that guy.”


“I know. He’s a complete player. And no good for my sister,” Ryan mutters as we

climb up the bleachers and find a spot to sit.

Sadie chooses that moment to plop her butt next to Ryan. “Who are you talking about not being good enough for Harper? You, Easton?”

The pointed look she sends me reminds me of how she caught me with Harper and I send her the same kind of look in return. “No. I just saw your bestie making out with Blake.”

Sadie starts to laugh. Slaps her knee like I told her a hilarious joke. “No kidding? God, I’m almost jealous. She’s getting so much attention from guys lately.”

“Like from who?” Ryan asks her.

“Yeah, Sadie. Who?” My voice has an edge to it. This girl needs to keep my name off her lips.

I finally have to look away, unable to take it any longer. My gaze scans the crowd, snagging on Harper, who’s watching me with pain and confusion in her eyes. What a load of shit. Who does this girl think she is? Playing the both of us for fools is what she’s doing.


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