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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 43

Chapter 43


Oh my God, did he really just say that? And then take off like a scared little chicken shit?

Why yes. He did.

What, now he wants to shove me into Blake’s arms? Does this make him feel less guilty for kissing Aisha? If that’s the case, what a total prick.

| already knew this though. He’s a complete asshole who only thinks of himself. Most of the time.

Well, he’s definitely thinking of me when he’s got his fingers between my legs. Or his mouth…

“What do you say, Harper? Let me take you to dinner.”

Blake’s deep voice pulls me from my lust-soaked thoughts and I blink at him, wishing like crazy that it was Easton who looked at me like that. Who asked me to dinner in front of everyone at school because he doesn’t care. He wants to be seen with me. I’m not his dirty little secret

But it’s not Easton who’s asking me. It’s Blake, who currently has a giant smile on his face, and I see something in his eyes that I’ve never noticed before. He’s looking at me as if he…actually likes me.

Uh oh.

I am so stupid. I should’ve never kissed him. Like, ever. And it felt wrong, kissing another boy when I still have feelings for stupid, annoying, make-me-want-to-rip -my-hair-out Easton. Spotting him in an embrace with Aisha had me seeing red. I didn’t even need to see her lips land on his. Actually, I couldn’t bear to see it. That would’ve sent me completely over the edge. I was done.



Kissing Blake was impulsive and a giant mistake. That kiss sent him a signali didn’t mean. I like him, but not like that. And now he’s looking at me as if I’m the only girl for him.

“I can’t tonight,” I finally say, hating the way his face falls. “Some other time, okay? || have an essay to finish. And that history test we still need to study for.”

“Yeah. I’d suggest a little study time together tonight instead, but I’m guessing you’re going to turn me down.” His lips form into a cute little pout, making me giggle.

And I never giggle with Easton. Not ever. He doesn’t make me laugh. He makes me want to slap him.

Right before I kiss him.

“I’m afraid I would,” I say to Blake, willing myself to like him. At least a little bit.

But nope. I look into his eyes and feel nothing but friendliness.

“Gotta go to class,” I tell him. “Talk later?”

Blake snags my hand before I can walk away, pulling me in close. “You’re a mystery, Harper. One I’m dying to figure out.”

Then he lets go of my hand and saunters down the hall, whistling.

I watch him go for a moment, confused. There is nothing mysterious about me. Yeah, I might be sneaking around and hooking up with Easton in dark corners, but that’s the extent of my mystery. He’s only doing that with me because he’s ashamed to be seen with me in public, the asshole.


My heart aches and I mentally tell it to stop. I can’t get all twisted up over that boy yet again. Maybe I should give up on boys in general until I start college.

What’s happening right now is getting way too out of my control.

I go to my locker and exchange my books, then slam the metal door shut to find Easton right there, leaning his shoulder against the locker next to mine. I take a step back at first sight of the murderous glare on his face.

Aimed directly at me.

My heart is thumping. My pulse is throbbing in my neck.

Between my thighs.

“You know.” He looks away for a moment, offering me a glimpse of his glorious profile. High cheekbones and sharp jaw. That sexy mouth and those dark eyebrows. A breeze washes over us, fluttering his hair and I long to run my fingers through it.


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