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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 44

Chapter 44


Her dark eyes, which were full of anger only seconds ago, are now filled with shock. Confusion.

“You didn’t kiss her?” Her voice is a squeak. My scared little mouse.

Slowly I shake my head, staring at her lips. There are too many people around-and there’s hardly anybody out here-but I’m not risking kissing Harper in front of an audience.

No matter how badly I want to.

Harper stands taller. “I don’t believe you.”

“It’s true.” I take a step back and throw out my arms, my palms pointed at the sky. “I shoved Aisha away at the last second and she got pissed.”

What else is new?

“And then I catch you kissing Blake.” I grin, like I’m having the time of my life, when I’m not. Fuck, I’m furious just thinking of her mouth under his. “How was it? I’ve heard he has sloppy technique. Uses too much tongue.”

“Better than you, that’s for sure,” she spits out, her aim true.

A direct hit to my ego.

And heart.

Leaning my head back, I stare up at the cloudless sky, my brain scrambling to come up with something. Anything. I always have a ready insult to throw at her, but right now, my mind’s a blank.

Finally, I turn my attention to her, wondering why she hasn’t left yet. If she didn’t

give a shit about me, she’d be gone already. Right?

“So I guess you like it sloppy and with too much tongue. Noted. Maybe next time that’s what I’ll give you.” I snag her hand and pull her in close, her body colliding with mine. Just like that, my skin tingles, wanting more.

Wanting her.

“There will be no next time,” she says between clenched teeth.

“Because you’re Blake’s now? Wonder what your brother would say when he finds out you’ve gone from one of his best friends to the next.” I smirk. “If you go through enough of us, maybe we could all get together one night and run a train on you. I’d bet you’d like,”

The slap comes out of nowhere, right across my face. She’s already jerked her hand out of my grip and there are tears streaming down her cheeks. Angry ones. Her gaze blazes with fury and I’ve never seen her look so beautiful.

“You’re disgusting,” she whispers harshly before she turns and marches away.

Away from me.

I watch her go, my gaze dropping to her ass. Even knowing how mad she is, I can’t help but check her out. Or find her attractive.

Like I’d run a train on her with my friends. Please. I wouldn’t let any of those fucks so much as look at her.

Harper’s mine.

She belongs to me.


“Come over to my house later,” Ryan proposes as we walk out to the parking lot after school.

“Why?” I ask warily, not wanting to see Harper. It’s probably best if I keep my distance for a couple hours.

Couple days.


“And what were you doing on the roof anyway?”

“We‘ve still got a long way to go,” I say as we resume walking.

“Don’t remind me,” he mutters. “We on for tonight or what?”

Ryan glances around, as if he doesn’t want anyone else to hear us. “They‘re out of town for the next few days and into the weekend. My dad is on a business trip and Mom went with him. And since they found out about our last get together at the house, they gave Harp and I a bunch of shit about having no one over. The lecture was fuckin’ torture.”

“Studying in her room? She said she has an essay due and doesn’t want us to disturb her.” Ryan laughs. “We can just smoke outside, you know?

We both glance to our left when we see Harper approach, Sadie right next to her. They watch us with wary gazes and I feel like we’re doing the same thing to them.


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