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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 92


Easton is pale.

Normally his skin is a healthy tan, his good looks are so ridiculously hot that I want to strangle him then kiss him right afterward.

I'm next to my locker when he walks up, hands shoved into his jeans, posture stiff.


I snort out a laugh.

"Did you just bro talk me?"


He scratches his head, completely distracted.

I mimic his movements, then give him a slight shove.

"Yeah okay, bruh, what you wanna do later, dude, wanna hit the pavement, go for a smoke, shoot some hoops and—"

"-Are you high?"

He leans in, and the smell of his cologne has me dizzy with want.

"And why wouldn't you share?"

Flirtatious Easton is back.

The one I'm obsessed with.

The one I need more than anything, despite how frustrated I get with him on a daily basis.

He's mine.

All mine.

I just wish all this bullshit would go away so we could have more time to figure out what we are, how we work, and what this means before graduation.


"Not high."

I wrap my arms around his waist.

"You just seem distant..."

We have at least half the day left before we can go home-—before I can go home with him, even if that means I'm just going to be in the backseat of his super sexy Jeep.

"Yeah okay boomer,"

he jokes.

"I'm fine, I promise."

Our foreheads touch and I forget all about the worries I have as people whistle and pass us as they walk down the hallway.

"I just had a moment.

Plus all this shit is getting really ridiculous."

He pulls away briefly and looks around like he’s paranoid about something when what looks like a police officer makes her way down the hall.

She's in black pants, and a tightly tucked in blue shirt with a badge, okay so yeah totally a police officer—attached to her belt.

She stops by us, her sneer so apparent I want to vomit.

Does she know? Is that why he’s acting weird? He doesn't so much as flinch as he wraps an arm around me and turns.

"Have a great day."

Her eyes narrow.



I answer for him and stick out my hand.

"My name's Harper."


She throws on her black aviators.

"Lovely for you..."

I flinch and drop my hand as mid-life crisis stomps past us like it's the time of the month and the world ran out of Advil and tampons.

"What the hell was that about?"

I say out loud.

Easton is tense but manages a shrug.

“Who knows...she’s old? Botox isn't working? Fillers don't do shit? Hates her job? A woman in a man's world? Take your pick, I mean really...fuck."

He spins me toward him.

"What if we skip?"

"Skip what?"

I frown.


He jokes.

“Okay not life, but what if we skip the rest of school, run back to our houses, pack, and go to my parents’ cabin for the weekend?"

I'd heard so many epic things about his cabin.

According to school gossip, his cabin was like this mansion right on the lake and only the most popular kids had been invited over the last few years.


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