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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 93

Easton School sucks.

The last bell rings and I'm ready to hang the principal from the flagpole, salute him and burn the place down.

I need time with my girl.

But I also need to get away.

The pressure is too much.

The fact that that fucking detective cornered me not once but twice has hives breaking out on my body, not really, but it feels like its inevitable.

I can only handle so much and right now I just need to be with my calm.


I rush out of my class and grab my shit, then send a text to Harper to meet me at my Jeep along with Ryan and Sadie.

I'm running, not realizing where I'm going when a body slams into me, and my bag goes flying across the ground.

look up.

It's Blake.

He's not glaring though.

No, instead he looks almost..sad.

"Hey, man."

I still hate him right now, but I'm not going to show weakness just in case.

I want to know his aim—keep your friends clase, enemies closer and all that.

“Sorry, wasn't paying attention.” He shrugs and laughs.

"No big.” He grabs my bag off the ground and hands it to me.

"You seem distracted.

Excited about the weekend?"


Sudden memories of us at the cabin over the last four years fill my stupid brain.

All the laughter, drunken moments, near drownings after being drunk and thinking skinny dipping was a good idea with all the girls.

I feel sick.

I know I've fucked up lately.

And while I'm sure Blake wants Harper, I feel like I'm being too harsh.

He eyes me up and down in curiousity not as a threat, and maybe I'm just too excited about spending time with everyone, but I offer the olive branch because if he's going to fuck up, he's going to do it soon.

May as well be around for it if he is for sure guilty.


I clear my throat.

"We're headed to the cabin this afternoon for the weekend.

You're more than welcome to come if you want."

His eyes narrow, and then he looks down.

"Yeah, thanks for the invite, man but...l don't want to be—what I'm assuming—is the fifth wheel.

Is Ryan going?"

"Sadie too,"

I add.

“And Harper, of course."

"Thought so."

He rocks back on his heels.

"It's cool, have fun though.

Be safe, yeah?” "Yeah,"

I say as he walks away, lowering his head like he's disappointed.

Why do I suddenly feel like shit? I give my head a shake and shove open the school doors, making a beeline toward the Jeep.

Whatever, I’m not letting him ruin what's going to be the best weekend ever.

Even if I do feel a bit guilty and a lot stressed.

kak An hour later, everyone's in the Jeep belting out The Weeknd and living their best lives.

Harper is sitting next to me in the front seat, holding my hand while I drive with the other.

Already, the mountain smell is getting to me.

The Evergreen trees.

All the beautiful land.

The winding road up to the lake.

We stopped by a grocery store to grab all the junk food we could find since I knew my dad had his liquor cabinet stocked last time we were up here-the girls offered to cook all weekend and we offered to grill one night.

It's going to be perfect.

Fucking perfect.

I bring Harper's hand up to my lips and press a kiss there.

She grins over at me.

Fuck, she's beautiful.

I want to pull over and eat her out, then tell her over and over again how much I want her, how addicting she is, not just her body but her fucking soul.

It's everything.

So pure.

So amazing.

God, I'm so pussy whipped it's almost embarrassing.

I kiss her hand again.


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