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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 95


Damn it she feels so good.

I don't deserve this fucking hot body.

I can't kiss enough skin, my lips feel numb from trying to kiss her hard, from trying to bite her skin, to taste her and consume her, make her mine forever and ever.

My favorite parts of her are on display and every single inch of skin.

There's a rock bench near the rock wall.

"Turn around and bend over."

With a grin, she does just that, her wet hair slapping against her cheeks as she smiles and kisses me, then bends over.

Her hands placed firmly on the rock as I grip her hips from behind.

My dick is so hard it hurts.


It's only ever been Harper, the way my body responds is borderline embarrassing, but fuck I wouldn't want it any other way.

I tease her pussy with my tip, rubbing it back and forth down the length of her lips.

Her body jolts back.

slap her on the ass.


She lets out a moan.

“Seriously?” Islap her ass again, this time it leaves a red hand print.

Fuck, I like the way that looks, so I do it again and again until she's moaning and writhing, arching back against me, like her body's searching for my cock, but can't find it.

I laugh.

"You desperate yet?” "Easton!"

"That's my name."

I laugh harder, then give her my cock, but not all the way.

I enter about a half inch and stay there.

"Don't move."

She moans, her back arches.

"Why are you torturing me?"

"You torture me every day."

I rub the places I slapped with my hands and look at us, semi connected, the way my cock pulses to be inside her so hard that I probably have no blood left in the rest of my body.

Water slams against us, just adding to the sensations around us.

I rub her ass, then lightly tap it again, moving my hand around her hips, but careful not to fully fuck her.

Inip her ear with my teeth and whisper, “I'm going to fuck you, but first...I'm going to punish you.” "I thought you just—"

I lightly slap her pussy with my palm.

She squirms.

"Don't move,"

I order.

She whimpers my name as I kiss down her neck and slap her pussy again.

She can't help but move.

I can't help but want more.

But I can't last much longer.

She's too beautiful.

Too perfect.

Too primed.

I thrust into her and groan at how tightly she holds me, every fucking time as I move, my body slamming against hers as she keeps her hands firmly against the rocks.

I know I won't last.

Not after the teasing and torture or the fucking view of her bent over in front of me as I move within her body.

Her back arches again.

"Easton, that's so good...deeper...harder.” (groan and dig my fingers into her hips, pulling her back against me so hard that I see stars.

Fuck, I know I'm going to come, I can't last much longer.

I reach around and pinch her nipple with my fingers and suck on her neck, then whisper, "Let go."

She does exactly that.

Which is good, since I was holding on by a thread, as I release inside her, all over her, all over us, and wonder if I can just stay like that for the next hour until I'm hard and can do it all over again.

She slowly moves away from me and turns.

Face flush, body red with marks from my hands.

She wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me.

I can't deny her anything.

Our tongues twirl and fight as we move under the spray of the shower and start to slowly wash each other down.


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