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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 94


"This is the life..."

I stretch my arms wide and lay out in my bikini next to Sadie, who's already drinking a hard cider—you know, at eleven in the morning.

Last night we all crashed pretty early after watching movies and while I really wanted to just blow Easton until his voice was hoarse, it was kind of nice to just..lay next to him, to know that I was safe, and that we were going to be okay.

I woke up to him diving between my legs and pinning them apart so that was also..um, nice.

He said he didn't want to wait until breakfast and who am I to stop him from getting what he wants.

I smile to myself.

“Wow, slut."

Sadie laughs.

"I know that look.

Good night?"

"Good morning."

I shrug and watch the boys as they jet ski across the lake, splashing each other.

As much as I want to barf, my brother does have a nice body, which I'm sure helps in the whole Sadie department, but Easton? Man, his six pack may as well be an eight pack as he stands up and spins the jet ski around, laughing.

I missed him laughing so much.

Sadie clears her throat.

“So...” My eyebrow arches.



She adjusts her ponytail, then sets down her drink.

"Can I tell you about my night?"

"Am I going to be traumatized for life?"


She blushes.

"I mean, maybe.

I don't know, forget it.” “No, no, no."

I take a deep breath.

“Just tell me.” "Are you sure?” No.

"Yes, my job as your best friend is to be sure, but will I need alcohol for this?"

She shrugs.

"It's your brother."

"Be right back.” I jump up and run to the mini fridge, grab a drink, and come back.

"Okay, ready."

She exhales and looks out onto the lake, then back at me.

“Did you know...um...wow, okay, I'm just going to come out and say it...

did you know Ryan's a virgin?"

I spit out my drink.

I can't help it.

“No, there's no way, no, just no."

"Yeah, just yeah.” She shifts uncomfortably.

"So, like, we've messed around a lot, I mean a lot.

If there was an Olympic medal for messing around—"

I hold up my hand.

"—yeah got it, no need for details.” "Sorry."

She blushes.

“I just, is there something wrong with me?"


I shout, making her jump.

"It's not you.

I mean not at all, have you talked to him about it?"


She sighs.

"And he's hard, trust me it's not..that."

I squeeze my eyes shut.

"I won't ever recover from this conversation, will I?"

"How do you think I feel? I know he wants it, but whenever it gets close to that time, he pulls away."


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