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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 97


What the ever lovin’...

The entire mood shifts with Blake and—holy fuck—Aisha's arrival.

We were having such a good time.

Now it all feels like I was having the best dream ever only to wake up to my worst nightmare.

Spending the rest of tonight and tomorrow with Blake.

And fucking Aisha.

My hard on is long gone.

In fact.

I think my dick is trying its damnedest to shrivel up and pretend it doesn't exist just to get away from the conniving bitch that is Aisha.

Blake, I can handle.

He's a friend who I don't trust, but I know him.

He's familiar.

Aisha? Yeah we might've hooked up, but she's shady at shit.

I definitely don't trust her.

At all.

Blake glances over at Ryan and Sadie who are still cozied up together, though their expressions are wary as hell.

"Sorry we crashed your party.

It's okay that we showed up, right?"

Harper wraps her arm around mine, a warm smile on her face.

“Of course.

We're so glad you decided to come after all and brought a—guest with you.” I look down at Harper, the serene expression on her face.

Is she seriously welcoming them to my lake house like a damn hostess? She lifts her gaze to mine, her lips curled in a barely there smile and I see it.

The anger.

The mistrust.

Not at me.

At them.

"Grab your stuff and follow me inside,” I say gruffly as I head for the house, Harper right by my side while Blake and Aisha go to his car to get their things.

The moment we're in the house and alone, Harper turns on me, her eyes blazing.

"What the hell, Easton? What are they doing here? Did you know Blake was going to bring Aisha with him?"

I grab her shoulders, giving them a squeeze.


Calm down.

I threw out an invitation to Blake right before we left school Friday, but he turned me down.

I didn't think he'd say yes anyway so I figured we were safe from him showing up.

And I sure as shit didn't know he'd bring her with him."

A sigh leaves Harper and she hangs her head.

"I hate that she's here.

She will ruin the rest of the weekend because she is a total bitch who will make my life miserable, Easton.

She hates me, and the feeling is mutual."


I slip my fingers beneath her chin and tip her face up.

"I won't leave your side.

You're my girl.

If she comes for you, she's gotta come through me first.” The door opens and in walks Ryan and Sadie, the both of them wide-eyed and frazzled.

“What the hell is the spawn of Satan doing here?"

Ryan asks me.

Sadie goes right to Harper and pulls her away from me, giving her a quick hug before she says, "I will commit murder in the middle of the night, Easton.

I just wanted to warn you so you're not shocked when the cops are on your doorstep in the morning."

Ryan yanks Sadie into his arms, running his fingers through her hair.

"You're not going to murder her.

I won't let you."


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