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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 98


lam a bad, awful person.

But when you're dealing with a conniving little bitch who tries to ruin your life every time you turn around, then you have to play fire with fire.

And I'm turning up the flames tonight.

Easton is currently in the shower while I wait for him in bed.


Sadie won't stop texting me.

Sadie: You bitch! Why aren't you down here right now having to deal with this—this MONSTER? Me: Tell my brother you want to have sex and drag him out of there! How can he resist you? Sadie: He's already about four beers in and they're all caught up strolling down memory lane, telling Aisha and I about their past lake house adventures with Easton.

She's eating it up.

I'm about to throw myself into the fire.

I can't stop giggling.

My best friend can be so dramatic sometimes.

I did love how she talked about murdering Aisha for me though.

Me: Tell me when they're on their way to their room, okay? I have a plan.

Sadie: What's your plan? Me: To be bouncing on the mattress and screaming Easton's name as loud as I can when they get to their room.

They'll hear me and know we're having amazing sex, even if we aren't.

Sadie: Don't you two always have amazing sex? Me: Well yes.

But what if they come up to the room right now? I'll have to yell all by myself because Easton is still in the shower.

Sadie: You're ridiculous.


She's right.

I'm no evil genius, but I have to get my thrills where I can.

The water shuts off and I tug the covers up to my chin, lying flat on my back with my head propped on a pile of pillows as I scroll through my phone and keep one eye on the closed bathroom door.

I can hear him in there, and I think about him naked.

Water droplets clinging to his skin.

A white towel wrapped around his waist...

The door swings open, steam billowing out of the room and he appears, my every fantasy coming to life.

Right down to the wet hair and towel around his waist.

Only difference is the towel is dark blue.

[try to act like it's no big deal, even though I'm squirming beneath the covers.

“Hey.” "Hey."

He approaches my side of the bed, snatching my phone right out of my hands.

"Are you mad?"

I frown.

"Why would I be mad?"

"Because Aisha is here."

His eyes are clouded with worry.

"I had nothing to do with her coming here.

I hope you believe me."

Ismile at him, loving how concerned he is.

"Oh I know.

This is all Blake's doing."

My phone dings and Easton checks it, his brows drawing together.

"Sadie says they're headed up here."


I sit up, the comforter falling to reveal my bare chest as I reach for Easton's towel and pull it off his body.

"Get in bed, big boy.

We're gonna fuck."

Easton bursts out laughing.

"Big boy? We're gonna fuck? Harper, what the hell is wrong with you?"

I grab his hand and pull him toward the bed.

He collapses on the mattress, on top of me and I try to kick the covers away.


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