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Caught in Love With My Previous CEO novel Chapter 55

Chapter 55 Shut Up, Samuel 

After entering the rest area, Tina suddenly remembered and looked at Samuel. "Mr. Langford, you can't leave the operating room at this time." 

If Mr. Mason woke up, the first person he saw would make a good impression. She couldn't let others take advantage of it. 

Samuel sat down first and rubbed his brow, saying leisurely, "Mr. Mason is not stupid. Do you think just staying by his side will help?" 

Tina was speechless. 

As the atmosphere grew colder, Dale timely entered the room with a doctor. Seeing that, Tina heaved a hidden sigh of relief. 

The doctor glanced at Tina's ankle and clicked his tongue, "Why did you only handle it now? It seems pretty severe." 

Tina tugged at her lips and casually replied, "There was something urgent." 

After she finished speaking, Samuel glanced at her. 

"What matters more than your health? Health is the basis of everything." The doctor sighed repeatedly and quickly prescribed medicine for her, sending Dale to fetch it. 

Samuel sat aside, sparing no words. "Any complications?" 

The doctor glanced at him politely and said, "There won't be any complications, but if not treated properly, it can lead to recurrent sprains, which can cause major problems if it occurs frequently." 

Samuel pursed his lips and focused his gaze on Tina's ankle. 

Tina's heart thumped, hoping the doctor would emphasize the severity, giving her a chance to make a request to Samuel. 

"How did you find Matthew?" 

As soon as the doctor left, Samuel spoke up. 

Tina's foot was suspended in the air in an awkward position, making it difficult for her to speak. "I searched for him for a long time but couldn't find his contact information. Later, I discovered a cleaner's past experience online which mentioned taking care of him. I bought his contact information from the cleaner." 

Samuel reclined his body, crossing his arms and spoke in a slightly appreciative tone, "You do have some brains." 

Tina licked her lips and wanted to emphasize the difficulties she faced, but Samuel suddenly asked, "Why was Matthew willing to come?" 

"Ah?" Tina was taken aback for a moment and then realized, "Oh, he happened to be in Yenornia. So John and I went directly to his place and dragged him out of bed." 

Samuel frowned, "What did you do?" 

Tina avoided eye contact, "Just... we climbed over the wall into his residence." 

Samuel's gaze shifted to her injured foot and he sighed in relief, "Your foot was injured during the climb?" 

Tina nodded, "Fortunately, his house only has two floors. Otherwise, we would have been in real trouble." 


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