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Caught in Love With My Previous CEO novel Chapter 58

Chapter 58 How Do You Want to Pay back Him

Samuel, who was already in the lift turned around, but he didn't go out the lift. Dale immediately kept the lift waiting seeing so.

Matthew was still wearing the doctor's overall. His whole body had a smell of ethyl alcohol, but it was not annoying because his face was too handsome.

A man of thirty-five, had an unspeakable and mature temperament. Even any one of his action was charming. He also had a pair of attractive eyes, a bit like Jonathan. But he looked very decent and that was totally different with Jonathan. The two different temperaments looked harmonious on him.

Tina was standing in front of the door of the lift. The corner of her lips moved a bit. She turned her body immediately.

"Dr. Thomas, let me introduce to you. This is Mr. Langford."

Matthew looked at Samuel and said, "Mr. Langford, how do you do?"

Samuel answered plainly. He didn't favor Matthew.

"Calling me out of my house, but leaving me here alone when you finish your business?" After Matthew greeted Samuel perfunctorily, his eyes came back to Tina.

Tina forced a smile and looked at Samuel, "Of course your kindness is too great for me to pay you back. It's up to Mr. Langford to decide how to pay you back. You did help him a lot."

Matthew raised the corner of his mouth, smiling inscrutably and turned to Samuel, "How will you pay me back, Mr. Langford?"

Samuel put one hand in his pocket with his indifferent face, and he didn't even bother giving any expression, "A check will be delivered to your house later, Dr. Thomas."

Matthew's smile remained the same. His arms wrapped around his chest and said, "Do you think I'm short of money, Mr. Langford?"

Samuel smirked with a slighting look on his face, "I know you don't need money but that's all Langford Group has."

Gritting her teeth, Tina thought to herself: What kind of bullshit was that? Did he have to throw money to keep others down?

She wanted to crack open Samuel's head and see if it was a normal brain.

"Since money is all Langford Group has, I think I have to ask Miss Lynd for the favor." Matthew kept his smile and looked at Tina softly.

Tina swallowed a mouthful of saliva. There was a chill down her back.

"She don't work for Langford Group now so she's not qualified to return the favor." Samuel looked at Matthew face to face, talking in a more merciless way.

Matthew showed a handsome smile and said, "Likewise, It's not Langford Group I'm helping. I am just helping Tina."

Tina thought to herself: Please shut up!

Tina went crazy inside, she didn't feel any wrong when she pulled that guy out of his villa. Then she knew he was such a troublemaker.

Samuel hasn't returned her the favor yet. What if Samuel got angry and reject paying her back?


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