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Caught in Love With My Previous CEO novel Chapter 65

Chapter 65 Constant Threats from Bad Guys

Red House Restaurant, 4th floor

In a big office, there was a sunbed in front of the French windows. A young woman with sunglasses was basking her feet under the moonlight.

Victoria had just done something significant and couldn't help but call Samuel.

After a long delay, Samuel finally answered the phone, his tone quite unpleasant.

Rolling her eyes, Victoria didn't want to argue with him and casually said, "Guess who came here?"

Samuel replied indifferently, "Is your family going bankrupt? You have too much free time."

"...It's Tina," Victoria said.

Samuel snorted and said disinterestedly, "What does it have to do with me?"

Clicking her tongue, Victoria was dissatisfied with the unexpected response. "How can you be so boring? You slept with her for five years, after all. And you don't care about her?"

"Have you ever seen a decent person who cares about a bed partner?" Samuel sneered, his tone disdainful.

Straightening up, Victoria forcefully kicked the chair next to her. "She came with Tony's son and even ordered a bottle of good wine. I gave her the wine that you left last time. Guess if she can discover it?"

Samuel paused.

Victoria smiled, thinking she finally got Samuel's attention, unable to resist teasing.

Suddenly, Samuel said, "If you're really that bored, it's better to find a job and go to work. At least that's something productive."

"Damn it!" Victoria closed her eyes, wanting to deliver another killer blow. "Walter had someone put something in the ice cream..."

Samuel interrupted her and said, "Don't forget to charge her the full price for the whole bottle. She has money."

Victoria widened her eyes, not understanding how this person's mind worked.

Just as she was about to retort, a series of knocks came from outside the door.

"Come in!"

Samuel was about to hang up on the phone when he heard a voice filled with panic.

"Ms. Moore, something happened. A customer accidentally swallowed the ring placed in the ice cream in advance!"

Victoria's feet slipped off the chair she was standing on, nearly falling to the ground. She couldn't help but curse, her gentle demeanor instantly disappearing.

"Is she stupid? How can someone swallow such a big ring?"

She shouted at the waiter, then looked down at her phone, only to realize Samuel had already hung up.

"He truly has no conscience. He doesn't even care about Tina. She had swallowed such a big ring, after all."

Victoria continued to complain, mocking Samuel while following the waiter downstairs and grabbing her clothes.


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