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Caught in Love With My Previous CEO novel Chapter 80

Chapter 80 Use My Money to Buy Me a Gift

Ignoring Samuel's cold demeanor, Tina boldly squeezed herself beside him and asked, "Mr. Langford, are you feeling under the weather? Please just tell me."

Samuel pursed his lips, looking at her as if she were a fool, and said, "Are you out of your mind?"

"No," Tina shook her head and replied with a serious expression, "It's just that I didn't do well enough in the past."

Samuel furrowed his brows, scrutinizing her face to see if she had other intentions.

Meanwhile, Jonathan and Samson were eavesdropping across the table as they exchanged glances.

Ignoring the presence of others, Tina continued with a forced smile, "I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and then I'm enlightened."

Samuel looked at her mockingly and retorted, "Enlightened? Why haven't you become a nun then?"

Tina didn't take the bait, suddenly opened her handbag, and took out a few sheets of paper.

"To express my apologies, I've prepared a birthday gift for you."

Samuel had mixed feelings. His thin lips tightened, and he looked speechless.

Jonathan couldn't resist peeking over and asked, "Oh, what's this grand gift for his birthday?"

Samson smiled and said, "I remember that Samuel's birthday is in winter, isn't it?"

Samuel sneered, "Some hypocrites never bother with preparations beforehand."

Tina closed her eyes briefly, lifted her hand, and covered Samuel's lips with her fingers, explaining, "You've misunderstood."

Samuel didn't care whether he misunderstood or not. He looked down at her fingers in front of his lips and felt a bit annoyed, wondering why she didn't touch his lips directly.

Tina then unfolded the papers and said with a bright smile, "A Rolls-Royce Ghost, scheduled to arrive in half a month. Do you like it?"

Jonathan exclaimed, "That's quite generous of you."

Samson was also surprised and added, "It costs at least 700-800 thousand dollars, right?"

This sum of money was nothing to them, but for Tina, it probably amounted to half of her total assets.

Holding the papers in both hands, Tina offered them to Samuel and said, "As long as Mr. Langford is happy, the money is well spent."

Samuel looked down at these sheets of papers. A faint glimmer shimmered in his dark eyes as he scrutinized Tina's face.

"Isn't this the one Sylvia ordered?"

Tina was a bit shocked.

That fox! He was pretty sharp.

"Of course not," she denied firmly, "I specially order this one as a gift for you."

Samuel looked at her with a strange smile and said, "There is no need for undeserved rewards."

Tina leaned closer to him and said, "But I've already purchased it."


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