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Heartstrings on Fire novel Chapter 125

When Jared popped the question, she was left dilly-dallying.

Mamie feared this guy would never open up to her, not really.

She even doubted if Jared’s feelings for her were as deep as she'd imagined. As her brother said, proposing is just a guy going with the flow.

She had a Hollywood gig coming up then, so she used that as an excuse to turn him down.

Deep down, she wanted to chat about this with Jared. It was no small matter to her.

But what she never saw coming was hearing that Jared had tied the knot the moment she got back home.

She couldn't wrap her head around it. How could a guy like Jared ever lay his hands on another woman?

Even if they did get hitched, it had to be a marriage of convenience.

But when she heard those words on the tape recorder, for the first time, Mamie realized Jared's feelings for that girl might be genuine.

She needed to get to the bottom of this herself.

Suddenly, Mamie said, "I heard that girl is the lead in your new movie, isn't she? She's shooting at Lakeside College right now, right?”

Ivan frowned and asked, "What are you getting at?"

Mamie replied, "Let me play a bit part in the movie. I want to meet her."

Ivan shot her down immediately, "Don't cause a scene. Agnes is a good girl; you can't mess with her."

He knew his sister all too well.

But Mamie grabbed Ivan's hand, put it on her face like when they were kids, half coquettishly, half pleadingly, and said, "Brother, you're the best person in the world to me. Will you help me? I won't mess with her. I just want to know why Jared chose her."


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