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Heartstrings on Fire novel Chapter 126

"Agnes, what's up with you? You look kinda off." Ava gave Agnes's arm a little shake.

Agnes just sat there, zoned out.

Was Mamie coming to the set?

Was this just a coincidence?

Right then, the door of the break room swung open. A bunch of people immediately appeared at the doorway.

Several assistants and makeup artists entered, each loaded with their tools.

Then, the director walked in, Mamie in tow.

Everyone was gobsmacked when they saw Mamie.

She was stunning, even more captivating than on the big screen.

Sure, they were in the entertainment industry every day, but someone of Mamie's caliber wasn't someone they could casually bump into.

The director cheerfully introduced her, "Mamie has joined our 'Cinderella' crew today. Everyone, learn from her."

Everyone immediately swarmed around her.

Beatrice was the most enthusiastic, darting to the front. "Mamie, I'm Preston's daughter, Beatrice. I'm a super fan of yours. Meeting you today is like winning the lottery."

Once Beatrice said that, everyone else started singing Mamie’s praises.

Mamie, however, wore an aloof expression, seemingly unimpressed.

She scanned the room, eventually resting her gaze on Agnes, who was still sitting beside her.

Everyone was bustling around Mamie; only Agnes hadn't budged.

Seeing Mamie's icy stare, Ava quickly nudged Agnes, "Hurry up and say hi to Mamie."

Agnes stood up, saying, "Hi, Mamie."


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