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Heartstrings on Fire novel Chapter 134

Everyone whipped their heads toward the source of the sound.

Jared stood at the door, his icy demeanor seemingly dropping the room temperature.

A sea of puzzled faces filled the room.

“Wasn't Mr. Whitfield always up to his neck at work?

Why did he always have time to monitor the film crew, mainly when this scene didn't even involve Mamie?”

Mamie was there, too. Despite not being part of the scene, she was on set watching, just like everyone else.

Seeing Jared, Mamie's face subtly changed.

She didn't think he would actually show.

Under the scrutiny of everyone, Jared walked in, approached Agnes, and coldly said, "No bedroom scenes. Get a stand-in."

His words made the room even quieter. Everyone was taken aback.

Mr. Whitfield didn't want Agnes to do a bed scene?

This was big news.

Was there something between Mr. Whitfield and Agnes?

What's more, Mamie was also present. Mr. Whitfield actually stopped another woman from doing a bed scene in front of Mamie without considering her feelings.

Everyone's eyes fell on Mamie. As expected, her expression had turned sour.

Agnes felt even more awkward.

Has Jared gone nuts?

Telling her what to do in front of everyone, wasn't he afraid of being misunderstood?

Justin stood before Agnes and asked, "Mr. Whitfield, don't you think you're overstepping your boundaries? What's your relationship with Agnes that even her scenes are your concern?"

"You know our relationship. On the other hand, you should check if you can handle it before trying to steal someone else's girl."

The director came over, looking puzzled.

Justin turned to the director, "Director Zoe, if a stand-in is used, I'm out. You can get whomever you want."


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