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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 142

Chapter 142 

Severin could tell Diane’s mood had gotten better. He started to feel a little emotional. ‘Money is still the best tool in this world. Although Diane never thought about leaving me when I was poor, we would never be treated equally by her family. Needless to say, being blessed by them. Diane would have a terrible time if we continued to live that way,’ he thought. 

Soon, the three cars arrived at Shanahan’s estate. Every member of the Shanahan lived in the villa inside the estate. They bought a couple of villas and built a wall to make their own private compound. 

However, these villas were incomparable to the villa in Dragon Lake Vista where Severin now stayed. 

“What’s going on? Who do those three cars belong to?” 

“I don’t know. I never saw it before. Three identical cars. I bet they cost around a hundred 

thousand dollars.” 

“No! You’re wrong. This is the one with the highest spec. Probably around two hundred thousand dollars!” 

“Damn! Let’s go over and take a look at who’s the owner!” 

Some of the servants worked for the Sanahans and members of the Sanahans saw the three cars driving in from far away. They quickly followed. Lastly, the car stopped at the place where Williams and his family stayed. 

“Seriously? Did I see it correctly? Megan bought them?” 


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