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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 143

Chapter 143 

“Look at them, just look at them!” Maryam stressed. She stomped her feet angrily when Diane and her family entered the house. 

Truthfully speaking, she hoped Diane would continue to be together with that lousy man. She hoped Diane would still be that stubborn woman who insisted to be together with Severin. That was the only way she could continue to insult them and look down at them. 

Things just did not turn out the way she hoped. A handsome guy was actually pursuing Diane now. and even spent money to buy three cars just to please Diane’s parents. The jealousy in her heart. nearly exploded. 

Unfortunately, she was not there when Severin ruined the wedding. After she heard what 

happened, she regretted not attending the wedding. If she was at home, she would definitely go and take a look instead of missing out on such a good show. 

At least, she could see the man Diane insisted on marrying. That would be a good opportunity to humiliate Diane and that man too. 

“Diane is so amazing. Having another rich kid after her again. But who is this rich kid? I don’t think I ever see him before,” a maid discussed at the door. 

“Who cares about that? He’s definitely a rich kid having the ability to spend that much money to buy that three luxurious cars. How miserable our life is. She could easily change her life without sweat. Most importantly, the man doesn’t mind that she has a daughter,” the other maid replied. 


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