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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 145

Chapter 145 

After Diane and Severin entered the house, she quickly let go of Severin’s wrist. No one knew when rosy red color appeared on her cheek. 

Severin felt happy and sweet like he had just eaten honey when he heard Diane calling him honey. It kinda surprised him Diane would blush after holding his hand for just a while. By all means, they had already had a daughter. 

Nonetheless, Diane was pregnant because they accidentally slept together. Other than that, she had never had a relationship before. It was natural for her to feel shy like a teenager. 

Moreover, she had been keeping her integrity other than the night she slept with Severin. That was why she still feel so shy.. 

“Diane, what did you call me just now? Can you call me again?” Severin walked over with a smile 

and asked. 

Diane rolled her eyes at him. “Nothing. What did I call you? Did you hallucinate?” 

Surprisingly, Selene ran over and looked at Diane. “Dad. Mom is lying. She called you honey just now. She lied! Mom, didn’t you say it’s not good to lie? Why are you lying?” 

Diane looked at Selene who looked confused and weird helplessly. She was speechless and did not know what to say. 


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