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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 144

Chapter 144 

Now that Diane and her family actually owe three cars that were better than Stanley! It meant they were better than him now! 

“Rich kid from which family? Is it Edward? He had said it. If Diane was willing to marry him, he would give Felicia a million dollars of dowry. I didn’t know he actually was willing to fork out more money to buy cars for them!” George said after giving it a thought. 

Maryam shook her head. “No. I don’t know him either. Maybe he’s not from an upper-class family. Maybe he’s just the son of a businessman. But it is still a lot of money!” 

“You don’t know? If you don’t know him, it means he is not one of the rich kids that like her in the past. Geez, I’m shocked. Diane insisted on being together with Severine just a few days ago. She changed so fast!” Stanley sneered. 

“Haha, she’s such a good actress. Remember how she pretended to be pure and loyal? I guess she has succumbed herself to the power of money!” 

“I agreed. She’s so phony!” Maryam said. 

On the contrary, Catherine’s face looked sullen. She reprimanded, “Maryam, what nonsense are you talking about? She’s your sister and we are a family. How could you say those things about Diane?” 

Right now, Maryam just realized she had gone too far. “Grandmother, do you remember how she said she will only move back if you apologize to her? And she has been fighting against you. because of Severine. Bringing disgrace to our family. Now that Severin is back but it only takes her a few days to change. She’s too…” 

Stanley mocked. “I don’t find it weird. I bet she finally realized Severin only has the look and nothing else after spending two days with him. That’s the only reason she would find another man. Maybe she has faced the reality.” 

Catherine did not say anything. She thought for a while and said to Stanley, “Weren’t you the one who say you can settle the young miss from the Longhorns? It’s already been two days now. How’s the progress?” 

Stanley lowered his head embarrassingly and stuttered, “Grandmother, I-I haven’t get it done. That woman is so hard to please. I tried to convince her to give us a share in the project but she refused. I bought flowers and branded bag to please her and she ignored me. I even told her we could share the profit with her if she agrees. I even offered money to her, under-table money and she still won’t budge!” 


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