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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 15

Chapter 15 

Stunned, the four bodyguards then turned around and stared at the woman. 

Severin frowned, turned around slowly, and finally exclaimed in confoundment, “You again!” !e was utterly dumbfounded when he saw her, because she was none other than the woman who called him a jerk in that dilapidated neighborhood earlier that day. Somehow, she was still dressed in the same food delivery uniform as she squeezed out from behind the Loughs’ bodyguards. 

She was panting heavily, which obviously suggested that she was exhausted after rushing all the way there! 

“Who is this woman? Must be some nutcase too. Didn’t she call Severin ‘my man’?” 

Some of the guests went blank for a moment, and eventually they could not help but whisper among themselves. 

“Who are you? Did you mistake him for someone else? Severin doesn’t have a wife, so who are your trying to fool?” Lucy took a step forward and said to the woman in front of her. “Don’t poke your nose in the Loughs’ private business!” 

Diane looked at Lucy in surprise and said, “Whether you like it or not, he’s been in a relationship with you for three years. If a person can get attached to a pet, I’m sure you still have a tiny bit of feelings for him too, right? Are you really going to just watch him get killed? Why do you have to be so cold-blooded?” 

“Cold-blooded?” Lucy laughed in spite of her anger. “You’ve got it all wrong, haven’t you, lady? This hobo came here to ruin my wedding and hurt my man, but you’re calling me cold-blooded? He would only have himself to blame if he was killed!” 

Severin chuckled self-mockingly. Since he and Lucy were once lovers, he had refrained from ruining her wedding in a final show of dignity to her. Easton, however, kept pushing his buttons, leaving him no choice but to fight back. 

Worse still, Lucy had completely ignored their past together and was eager to watch him die right in front of her! 


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